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War Thunder: The Shooting Range | Episode 115

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The Shooting Range 115. In this episode: • The I-225 and the Soviet engineers’ hunger for higher altitudes; • Yet another lesson on proper angling; • Hotline: the developers answer questions that you’ve left in the comments! • But first, let’s start with talking about one of the newest machines in the game. Download: http://warthunder.ru/download Site: http://warthunder.com/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/warthunder Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/WarThunder Forum: http://forum.warthunder.com/ G+ https://plus.google.com/+Warthunder/posts #WarThunder
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Text Comments (995)
Jerzy Kohut (4 days ago)
Hi ! Quick question: You are always saying "this isn't our first priority, could i ask what is your priority ?
Ruan van jaarsveld (8 days ago)
ina _people (9 days ago)
Gaijin, can you make smoke shells detonate on ground?
King Skovmand (9 days ago)
will there be a bundle for the ameican tech tree I got money to spend!!
Mateusz K (9 days ago)
Still trash instead of Parts and FPE free ( and all modifications cheaper ). Justh dislike anything untill the Parts and FPE free.
Lord Gronor (10 days ago)
Disabling ratings ftw. As I type this I'm being dragged to Gulag
Eidi exia (10 days ago)
if submarine is in the game are ships gonna have depth charger?
Khanh Le (10 days ago)
Khanh Le Video on youtube very good and we are realy liked
Liam we (10 days ago)
dear war thunder can we get 1.a custom battle for helicopters ships tanks and planes in it 2.can we see some Irish vehicles on the British tech tree such as the scorpion or platypus PC 9 please.
Samuel Hamadej (10 days ago)
Please add Japanese super heavy tanks such as O-I, O-NI, Type 5 Heavy
KNARF XD (10 days ago)
free abram when????
Daniel Ga,er (11 days ago)
When is thunder league coming back?
KendiLP (11 days ago)
can you add the leopard 2A7 ??
CheesecakeMania (11 days ago)
deniz78093 (11 days ago)
Will there be a version of the Flakpanzer341 "Coelian" with 2x 5,5cm Cannons? After all there was a wooden version of that tank :) like the HoRi *Cough Cough*
NEZUMI (11 days ago)
I have a very serious suggestion, no pun intended. Since the arado jet bomber flew recon missions in Italy can the Italian tech tree see them added as researchable vehicles after the p108 heavy bomber? I presume it wouldn't be that troublesome. Italy needs some love in the late tier bomber department. Much love, please consider :) just slap some ww2 era Italy decals on em and your good to go!
Boneysnowman (12 days ago)
When will you tackle the issue of parts and fpe?
Thomas the Dank Engine (12 days ago)
How does Gaijin get the documents for tanks? Such as which Muesems do you guys go to for specific tanks? Especially on information that was declassified (Specifically referring to the composite armor arrays on the Abrams). Do you send someone to the National Archives or just give a call? How do other countries work? It would be nice to know, I'd want to dig into other countrys' tanks and not just have several PDFs of Hunnicutt standing by.
LeprinhaGul (12 days ago)
Hey Gaijin, my premiu account just ended so I can finally do this: I'll make you an offer. Untill FPE and Parts are stock on every tank, I'll not be playing the game. I also encourage every player to do the same, and let Gaijin know that you are not going to play untill they give us what we want. That's it. PS: Make FPE and Parts atock inside a week and I'll buy a bundle before the year is over.
Orion (12 days ago)
F r e e that spells free Free parts and fpe
Nicholas Runge (12 days ago)
Are you going to add the helicopter that the French put guns on that you mentioned in episode 113?
Lady Shadow (12 days ago)
Will the Mi 28 Havoc be added and where our free fpe and parts
Matej Javorsek (12 days ago)
Why there is no new tanks or planes in low ranks?
Frankie (12 days ago)
Devs ignoring the Parts and FPE discussion because they don't want backlash for what they say
Omar سلوم (12 days ago)
lol they disabled the like and dislike button
Bolzoh (12 days ago)
Hi. Will you add Italian tanks and hungarian ones together?
pejj300 gamer (12 days ago)
When will the UK get its scout tanks
Mr. Pepe (13 days ago)
You disappoint me
Peter Trebilcock (13 days ago)
free fpe/parts
Pebble's (13 days ago)
Do you have any Plans to add the Mk3 upgrade to the challenger 1
ThatLaneDude (13 days ago)
Gaijin, when and what new(er) vehicles are you going to implement into the game?
Missed the opportunity to talk about the M1 Abrams in episode 1
Cowboycomando54 (13 days ago)
Premium boycott people Lets do it
Carleton Pilch (13 days ago)
Is the B 52 bomber ever going to be introduced in to the american tech tree? because B57B was and it was built after the B52
Jacek B. (13 days ago)
Give one fire extinguisher for free at stock!!! And one repair kit, at start per battle!!!!
axel larsen (13 days ago)
could you sort your playlists so the newest videos are lowest? that way if we watch via the playlist we can let it run instead of having to go backwards?
ljord skopy dopy do (13 days ago)
He wt pls make spawn proctoin when someone shoots they lose it thx
Kevin McKinley (13 days ago)
Will there be polish air craft
Phibrizzo (13 days ago)
Make game, not PAY TO WIN. Need free parts and fpe.
starwars niels (13 days ago)
any information about single player tank missions??
LiquidHarmonix (13 days ago)
no mention of parts and fpe yet?
kristijan medved (13 days ago)
Will we ever see some historical gunsights?
DarthBlooBlahBlee (13 days ago)
Dear Gaijin Entertainment, I love War Thunder and have been playing the game for three years. I have probably put 200$+ into the game, and it infuriates me to a great extent how you are all ignoring the communities demands for free parts and FPE. It is so INCREDIBALY obvious to anyone who has half a brain cell that you are no longer caring about what the players think the game needs. I understand you are a company and have desire to make profit, but this blatant and continuous disrespect that you are showing the community is killing the game. I will not be playing the game or suggesting the game or spending money in the game, until this problem has been addressed. And for the comment about comparing free parts and free FPE to free abrams, is just stupid. Because that person that said it has obviously been given a press account and has unlimited everything. The big people in the high echelons of the warthunder team, have never had to grind for a vehicle a day of their lives, and therefore don't know what we go through on a daily basis. YOU are killing the game with your ignorance and therefore are losing players. I don't want you guys to sink, but its hard to drive a boat with your head up your ass.
Lenzin (13 days ago)
Is WT ever going to do something against killstealing? Itßs the biggest gamebreaker for me...
Jacob Sturd (13 days ago)
Hey guys lets have a chat about fpe and parts we will keep it civil
Intruso (13 days ago)
Honestly,this is one of the best games i've ever played and i gave you even 20 bucks for the P40 but please .. listen to the community a little more...
marcelo joel Paolin (13 days ago)
Well you don't need give free fpe and parts but what about just reducing 50% the rp cost of them not SL just RP to make easier to grind top tier vehicles ? also update the old tier V rp cost their are even more expensive than rank VI tanks
o j (13 days ago)
they removed stock syndrom video, they think by removing it we will just forget about this?
thelaststop41 (13 days ago)
Any plans for a reactive armor modification for the T-80B?
_STRIKE _ (13 days ago)
really? disabling likes / dislikes because you guys get so many dislikes for ignoring the community
Zeit (13 days ago)
Great video, but now lets talk about parts and fpe
DominathorCZ (13 days ago)
OK Gajin, my premium account expires today and I am taking a break from War Thunder until you do something about your game like removing the RP softcap and decreasing the module cost of high tier vehicles.
ClayMore769 (13 days ago)
And they deleted the stock video i hope you know that at least for me that i downloaded it just so you guys wont forget it! :) cant push the community away like you do with your sad lives.
Yicheng Wang (13 days ago)
This is what happens when you make players grind and suffer, ignore players' complains and tell players to F off. Brave move gaijin !
Insanerobert44 (13 days ago)
Hello Gaijin, request number who knows anymore?! PLEASE ADD I.A.R.-81 to German tech tree (you know, the one in Italy, that's premium, but for Germany) as well please!!!!!!
sepehr yekebash (12 days ago)
hey could you guys make a racing tournament in warthunder? for both tanks and aviation or even the helicopters, its gonna be awesome if you do
Richard Gonzalez (13 days ago)
Serious question about how the armour works: how does a 122 round bounce up at a 90° angle off of a t-44 at point blank?
Cutie Marxist (14 days ago)
Question??? Public relations??? Free Parts??? FPS????????
Stalingrad Or bust (14 days ago)
Guys, I know this has been repeated a lot, but please, please, can you have a discussion about the FPE and Parts crisis?
Chris Stewart (14 days ago)
Free FPE and parts!
Digital (14 days ago)
You know, ignoring it all just makes it worse...you're soviet style of PR doesn't work anymore
Robert Douglas Peachey (14 days ago)
US Players only game ..
MegaMan (14 days ago)
12:55 demonstrating armour mechanics with arguable one of the most op tanks for its br.... nice oh and nice vioce over for the comments really just taking the piss there....
MegaMan (14 days ago)
is it me or over time had the silver lion reward slowly crept down as if we wouldn't notice.. don't no might just be me also if i have a really good game i only get 5k rp (because of the cap) so whats the point in that if anything it just makes me what to not spend money and not play
Max Herman (14 days ago)
Literally the first portion of this video is them advertising a new T5 premium. Have you not learned a thing? How sad. Not coming back to WT.
Max Herman (14 days ago)
I’m gonna shoot my GE
Willie Durand (14 days ago)
Señores de Gaijin estoy jugando varios años este juego,y estoy esperando con ansias los Artilleros. Para cuando?
Trainman4567 (14 days ago)
Wonder what will happen in the next episode, due to people only talking about parts and FPE. lol
vasile sideris (14 days ago)
Roses are red, the Soviets started a coup, a rework of fpe and parts is all we asked from you.
Felicity Jones (14 days ago)
1. Increase RP gains. 2. Increase SL gains. 3. FREE FPE. ALWAYS. 4. FREE PIECES. ALWAYS.
sgt 116 (14 days ago)
sgt 116 (14 days ago)
sgt 116 (14 days ago)
Max Herman (14 days ago)
Max Herman (14 days ago)
implodingrat (14 days ago)
Give parts and FPE stock
koolaidman007 (14 days ago)
Congratulations at destroying your own game for the pursuit of profit. Gaijin will never get another dollar from me. Anyone considering purchasing anything from this company, remember they have absolutely no regard for you as the consumer or the health of their game. It's all a cash grab.
Kardo Vr (14 days ago)
Interesting his attempt to "cover the sun with a finger" erasing the video of "overcoming the syndrome of stock" and removing the possibility of seeing likes or dislikes. Very good response to the community. clap clap clap...
collin W (14 days ago)
i have an important question where is the D Point!???????
Mr Mason (14 days ago)
If you want unbalanced gameplay from a dogshit company ,go with gijin
thefreakgamer1080p (14 days ago)
Still no free fpe and parts hmm.... Guess ill keep the dislike hot. And everyone should dislike the video aswell.
Artem PL (14 days ago)
were is subtitles ?
Gabbreil Blue (14 days ago)
Free parts and FPE?
Dat Boi (14 days ago)
I will never understand why people think slavs are human
Leo_ Leo (14 days ago)
I want to see the number of the likes and the many dislikes of your channel after your glory last vids and livestream-disaster. Activate it!!!!!!!!!! The community is not stupid!!!!!!!!!!
Artur Esteves (14 days ago)
Gaijin lets please talk about fpe and parts
Cheeki Breeki (14 days ago)
Where is my Free Abrams (TM) ???
Jordan Romero (14 days ago)
i see that the game that i spent alot of time on since it came out needs to be balance
Julot lebulot (14 days ago)
MyUnoriginalUsername (14 days ago)
Been asking for polish and PO2 to be re-added for ages now..
Ralf Helmle (14 days ago)
Hi there at WT, as a former driver of such a thing i'm wondering if there is a chance for an JgPz JAGUAR 2 TOW coming to the game. Since the HOT-Version of JgPz2 is already in the German tree and the TOW is also already in the game. It shouldn't be too difficult to mix the two and add the improved armor. Thx JR
conner rodrick (14 days ago)
Well, guess I’m done spending money on warthunder for now. Fix your game instead of adding superficial things that end up doing nothing. I obviously want your game to succeed seeing how I luv spent nearly 400$, but I’ve stopped playing warthunder lately because of how stale the game is.
Des Moines (14 days ago)
Will we see Panhard EBR anytime soon?
DragonOfWestx (14 days ago)
Hey Gaijin, are you planning adding the AH-64 & Mi-28 to the game??
Ficon (14 days ago)
Lost in translation or was RKKA really developing high-altitude ointments? :)
christophe fourrage (14 days ago)
cdahdude51 (14 days ago)
trump baba (14 days ago)
Return of Bob (14 days ago)
Free parts and fpe!
Advalus (14 days ago)
Hey Gaijin Those tanks that IRL could use a snorkel, will we ever be able to use them in the game?

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