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War Thunder - The German Air Force

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War Thunder presents the third video in the "War Thunder Nations" series: The German Air Force. Register now and play for free: http://warthunder.com/play4free?r=YouTube_oU_VfkWQdcc Site: http://warthunder.com/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/WarThunderEN Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/WarThunder Forum: http://forum.warthunder.com/ G+: https://plus.google.com/+Warthunder/posts
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Text Comments (2253)
J. guilherme (9 hours ago)
Luftwaffe is an Best!
Fares Sdiri (3 days ago)
They had a V1!!! Will gaijin add the V1? (consperacy theories)
Léo Blanc (4 days ago)
To all people saying that they should ban the Soviet symbol : Soviet union took the Reichstag, and destroyed the brown plague. Show them respect for the huge sacrifice that they did on that purpose. Btw I don't think swastika should be banned, it's history and history should not be censored. It's a wrong way to act like this
ahatahat 0914 (11 days ago)
やっぱさナチスは嫌いだけどさドイツは好きだよね 同じ人おる?
Jaden Guillen (14 days ago)
Mr Expose (19 days ago)
We can
GG German Tiger II vs T54 Me262 Me163 vs mig 17 la200 sabre not blance RIP 2018.9.27
Eduardo 0562 (1 month ago)
Italy or germany?
alemão nazis (1 month ago)
Epic music
Erich Hartmann (1 month ago)
Im only just starting German, but what I gathered with my limited knowledge was, in order. 1:? 2: ? 3: Alles Klar! (I dont know, I think it means something like "All Good!' 4: Ende! (End, or over) 5: Nummer Eins, Bitte Statusmelung (Number one, what is your status?) 6: ? 7: ? Einhundert (100) 8: Ziel Zerstort! (Target Destroyed) 9: It sounds like he's saying "Gib Mir Deckung!" (Cover me) 10:? 11: Same thing as nine 12: ? Treffer (Treffer means hit) 13: ? 14: Ich Bin Getroffen! (I am hit!) 15: ? 16: Ich Habe Das Ziel Zerstort (I have destroyed the target!) 17: Feindliche Basis (something) sorry for my poor german Edit: For 12, I think he said Direkter Treffer (Direct Hit!)
Polo Team (1 month ago)
Misheard words: 0:33 dis a shell 0:35 get them nico 0:36 write some ambulance 0:45 get them nico 1:05 get to nepal 1:17 why you bother tata >:(
FuDiz SFDIZ (1 month ago)
Too op
Konrad Heumann (1 month ago)
Beethoven would have been much more fitting music considering the subject matter. Kind of like they did on "Wings of the Luftwaffe," for you old timers who remember that documentary series. :)
thanks to Graustreif Brombeerkralle for the translation 0:02 Can anybody see something? 0:03 No! 0:05 All right! 0:06 Over! 0:09 Number one, what's your state? (something like that, not the exact translation) 0:26 Which altitude we shall fly? 0:29 Altitude hundred 0:34 Target destroyed! 0:35 Cover me! 0:37 Ready for attack! 0:46 Cover me! 0:51 Direct hit! 0:54 I shot one down! 1:06 I'm hit! 1:13 Can somebody see the target? (I think) 1:16 I've destroyed the target! 1:17 Enemy base destroyed! 1:22 Target hit!
The Gaming Wookie (2 months ago)
I know why they didn’t show America because we would of nuked Berlin Germany.Don’t mess with America or you get the nuke
Aratzhel TV (2 months ago)
SS大尉先輩 (2 months ago)
Luckyluchs777 (2 months ago)
0:52 There's my 109!
David Alonso (2 months ago)
Deutschland über alles
Mike MPR (2 months ago)
When the trailer has 1.4 mill but the game has in peek times 60.000 people
Messerchimitt 262 (3 months ago)
Heil germany
machida kentaro (3 months ago)
someone explain why did i see v1 in trailer?
Вот бы новых реактивов за германцев добавили.
Dont Ask Me Why (3 months ago)
censored flags and symbols *succ*
normie 423 (3 months ago)
Where's the part where the Germans get screwed over Britain?
Desktop Turtle (3 months ago)
Germans are coming... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PCBA4p7UKQ&t=426s
Clorox Bleach (3 months ago)
Dead comment
DAVIDFOX 205 (3 months ago)
Würstel Air Force
Alexander Kudryashov (3 months ago)
Zwei Nationen könnten kämpfen, Russen und Deutsche, der Rest ist nur verdeckt! Две цивилизации, могли вести войну, Русские и Немцы, остальное только прикрывались!
Zohaib Ahmed (3 months ago)
How to you get all of those scraps when you hit an enemy plane?
Carl Francis Bajacan (4 months ago)
im Hit or press J
Skeboski (4 months ago)
that formation break at 1:12 got me all hard
Mystic *Phantom* (4 months ago)
0:40 what is that jet?
Nick Beckham (14 days ago)
V1 Rocket Used to destroy tanks
Salvatore Indelicato (4 months ago)
I am Italian
Sahmoi Stout (4 months ago)
For all of the people saying that the swastika is always a part of the plane: It was standard procedure to put the military insignia on their planes for identification in air, and if the swastika was seen with a red flag outline in it, then the planes would be easier to see. I'm sure some pilots did put the swastika on their planes, but it wasn't because it was necessary. But, if you feel the need to put them there, please be historically accurate to your degree
doru covaci (4 months ago)
nien nien nien !!!
Crazy Spitfire (5 months ago)
0:27 There are no yellow color on the wings anymore. Why Gaijin? Why did you do that?
Grim Matchstick (5 months ago)
Oh so that’s why there’s no Finnish vehicles
DaZe FoTiS (5 months ago)
Best War Thunder trailer ever !
XCM2 JI (5 months ago)
Where is the swastika
Mynutos (5 months ago)
song name?
Nexusmic (5 months ago)
Best Trailer
jumphawk88 (5 months ago)
Facist scum blyat
EvanHead (5 months ago)
I just painted the inside of my pants
EvanHead (5 months ago)
Now if only I was that good
REAPERFELL SaNS (5 months ago)
I loved the jet cannons
Swedormie Normie (6 months ago)
What background music
Even though the USSR killed 20mil people hammer and sickle is allowed German killed around 10 million was it ? including 6 million jews but swatiska's aren't allowed
鯖asba0141 (6 months ago)
Kozakowskyy (6 months ago)
0:39 what is that plane?
ElainesANUBISS 11:11 (6 months ago)
TheAuraLucario (6 months ago)
you forgot the Ardennes
Emrah Can (6 months ago)
0:50 plane?
jincy sumesh (6 months ago)
They were the most honorable they even drove to their enemies crash site after the G shot the enemy down to ensure the SS didnt get to them
MARIO MAZU (6 months ago)
Carl johnson (7 months ago)
German is so powerful
SveLP (7 months ago)
can i uploud this on my chanal?
Tiger I Ausf E (7 months ago)
Tell them we are the best!
Red Noob (7 months ago)
Man I love the fockwulfe
King Mihai (8 months ago)
War Thunder:The German Airforce Getting nerfed
What are the crosses on the Reich Flag? Where is the swastika?
Meme Team (8 months ago)
0:49 wtf did I witness
Marcel Huchwajda (8 months ago)
Axis planes have the best guns (other than Russian jets) but the absolute worst armor. My Do 17 once got 1 shot by a AA AI unit. But at the same time I shot down 3 planes and 2 tanks.
Daniel Ko (9 months ago)
Why does Germany use fake flag whilst Japan use the real one?
더멀리 (9 months ago)
Gabriel GN_ZZ (9 months ago)
that what i call brain Wash
Painted Shark (9 months ago)
Good thing you can put Swastika on your plane with some paint Mod
Richard Du Cloux (9 months ago)
IT IS! because at 1:05 that's thats what the germans say as well along with 1:13 :O
Richard Du Cloux (9 months ago)
is this the same company who made il-2 sturmovik?
А здесь и задумаешься...для чего мы товарищ друга убиваем?
Benjamin Vang (9 months ago)
El lon abel lou nise
manterrany (9 months ago)
Nice work😀
אלון כהן (9 months ago)
play the stronger union play german
diMitri rrAgA (9 months ago)
Îs the best airforce from the WORLD S-o i definitly chose it
Mark The Bias (10 months ago)
HE 51 are nub
0:41 агрегат в игруу
W. L. Orodor Calaerchon (11 months ago)
Strange that they show a V1 Rocket that is not even an in-game thing. / \ X \ /
Appeared aircraft He 51 A-1(Germany) Nimrod Mk I(UK) Bf109 E-3(old skin)(Germany) Bf 110 C-4(Germany) Ju 87 B-2(Germany) He 111 H-3(Germany) LaGG-3-11(Soviet) V-1(Germany) Hs 129 B-3(Germany) Ju 88 A-4(old Skin)(Germany) La-7(Soviet) Bf 109 F-4(Germany) Fw 190 A-5(Germany) Fw 190 D-9(Germany) B-17G(USA) Ta 152 H-1(Germany) Ar 234 B-2(Germany) He 162 A-2(Germany) Me 262 A-1a(Germany) Lancaster Mk Ⅲ(UK)
Rudolph Antler (11 months ago)
Don't give failjin money until they include the swastika and disassemble their filthy allied-bias!
Commander Hanz (11 months ago)
You lead you target lol
Grease (1 year ago)
*o du schoner de weeesterwald*
Jose Delos Reyes (1 year ago)
how to get the V1 Buzz bomb.
Maran God (1 year ago)
Anybody wanna comment on the trailer and not on the censored swastika? No? Ok...
i love Fw's
Lion Cop (1 year ago)
How do those flames look so good?! Is it a mod or something?
Games e Cia (1 year ago)
I want to see when you are going to do the Brazilian military in the war thunder I want the snakes smokers! I want the squares! I want the fab and the feb !!!!
Clorox Bleach (1 year ago)
People need to understand that German war thunder players can't play the game with swastikas in the country Germany. Germany has bans on games that have any swastikas on it.
Mank demes (1 year ago)
Not Because Russians Developed This Game You Cant Have Swastikas Like People Says The Victor Always Writes History
Ruben Szabó (1 year ago)
What do the HS129's pilot say at 0:45? It's something like "kebelekoch" but i can't understand it.
Ruben Szabó (1 year ago)
Thank you man
Maran God (1 year ago)
It's "Gebt mir Deckung" or "Cover me"
You damm twats i still want the german Ground forces trailer
Isko Maxmin (1 year ago)
Stupid,Why don't use swastika symbol.
Lithira Weerasooriya (1 year ago)
adds the swastika, every german and jewish player starts hatin on warthunder
ricefield_man (1 year ago)
Man they should not hide the swastika, it's this sort of censorship you see on most of these games. History should not be cencored it is completely normal!
Narek Sargsyan (1 year ago)
Messerschmitt Me 262 is the best!!!
Conrado Villegas (1 year ago)
WARNING: There's a WW3 of comments going on. I recommend scrolling down only if there is no other choice.
I know that it is not realistic, but I personally like the Iron Cross better than the swastika.
kcm 5 (1 year ago)
ли утра напапидары. в 4
WehrmachtHeer1940 (1 year ago)
Finally earn the Roll of Honour Clasp of Luftwaffe, almost to Iron Cross Second Class.

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