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The Bride, the Beast & Babylon - Revelation Prophecy Revealed, Amazing Facts

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Yes MsJane (6 months ago)
At around 50 minutes 30 seconds Peter Waldo is introduced Peter Waldo was most Definitely not the founder of the Waldensees [Many who didn’t die in the Roman persecutions from Nero unto Diocletian, fled to the mountains of northern Italy and were called the Vaudois (people of the valleys). They were originally called ‘ Vallenses ’, but with the W added to the alphabet in Medieval times representing v v or uu and one of the l’s changed into a d, the name became ‘ Waldenses ’ and still meant ‘ people of the valleys ’, and never at any time did the name have anything to do with Peter Waldo.” The word “ Vallenses ” is a Latin word for “ people of the valleys ” and “ Vaudois ” is the corresponding word in French. Don’t let anyone ever tell you the lie that Peter Waldo was the founder of the Waldenses! [Check the book Truth Triumphant by B.G. Wilkinson pp. 217 & 226, hereinafter TT.] People like Samuel Bacciochi who trained under The Jesuits Taught that Peter Waldo was the first Waldensian and that They Never Kept God's Seventh Day Sabbath, Thankfully Sister White Taught That The Waldensees Kept the Scriptures Free From Roman Influence for a Thousand years leading up to the Reformers, who translated Those Scriptures into the KJV Bible, Its important The origin of The Waldensees otherwise we might have just thrown out a 1,000 Years of Persecution and The Prophecy and Movement attached to it.

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