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OilRush naval strategy game: the first teaser

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Naval strategy game for Windows, Linux and Mac. Official website: http://oilrush-game.com/ This is a captured real-time gameplay video with some engine-based cut-scenes. Based on Unigine engine: http://unigine.com/products/unigine/ Pre-order with early build access is available: http://oilrush-game.com/buy/
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Text Comments (89)
Ganjar Setia (6 years ago)
will this game run smooth on high and res 1280x720 my spec: AMD A8 3850 2,9 Ghz hd 6650D 1gb drr3 4gb ram so?
Crismodin (6 years ago)
So now that the game has released - is it any good ?
Emile de Jong (7 years ago)
WAIT I Saw a nuke, DOUBLE-SOLD !!
Emile de Jong (7 years ago)
Ancurio (7 years ago)
@TheHeadhunter00 Well, across the Linux space I think most gamers know about it, but that's it. I hope this changes when this game is released..
LogicalMan6 (7 years ago)
Anyone know when this comes out?
UNIGINE (7 years ago)
Available on Desura now
meteorema global (7 years ago)
@GordonFreeMANness че? я не играл ни разу в киризис ок?
meteorema global (7 years ago)
@GordonFreeMANness че? я не играл ни разу в киризис ок?
Uchiha Madara (7 years ago)
Wow, they included Linux there's a shocker!!!!!
benitofinito (7 years ago)
No XBOX! : (
ufster81 (7 years ago)
in the website these cards are shown as recommended. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 ATI Radeon HD4850 strange though, because a 4850 is weaker than a gtx 460. if we take 4850 as a benchmark, a gts450 would have been more appropriate...
ufster81 (7 years ago)
@hypetype15 i think you should get a better graphics card if you want to enjoy the unigine engine the way it was meant to be.
WittyUsername816 (7 years ago)
dude. want.
AlienPrime173 (7 years ago)
@Antphoneigh LOL! try metro 2033 @ dx11, 16XAA, 1920x1200, and full tessilation you'll get like 15-20fps HAHAHHA! You need better cardsss (not just one)
AlienPrime173 (7 years ago)
@binstream AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA sooo funny!
jie luo (7 years ago)
hi, anybody ordered& played ? Is it better game than Kernel Panic?
Antphoneigh (7 years ago)
I need a game that will test my videocard, an ATI 5870HD. Bring it on!
gettygermany (7 years ago)
Just pre-ordered it! :-)
gettygermany (7 years ago)
Nope (7 years ago)
@bluesirrus Oilrush actaully uses dx11, it's made by the same guys that gave us the heaven dx11 benchmark dammit.
mastertheknife (7 years ago)
I bought the linux version and i'm playing the beta. So far i like it.
Ancurio (7 years ago)
I don't know if anyone knows about this yet, but pre-order sale's been pretty low thus far, only earning them 20k when they invested several hundred thousands into it (check their homepage for sales stats)
Ancurio (7 years ago)
@binstream i lold hard
UNIGINE (7 years ago)
@IrishMusicBestMusic sorry but your video card is a piece of crap.
UNIGINE (7 years ago)
By the way pre-order with early build access is available for a while
WinterXL (7 years ago)
Cool... I wonder about the gameplay. Nukes over open water will generally detonate in the air for maximum effect, rather than contacting the surface.
Nebidimka (7 years ago)
0:29 It suddenly felt like Red Alert 3 opening cinematic :D
Joseph Craven (7 years ago)
I love that Apple is left out of this and the Xbox lol All I have is Ubuntu and the PS3 this is sweet
Tommy He (7 years ago)
Not sure whether my laptop could handle this: Phenom II X3 1.8G Mobility Radeon HD5470 512RAM DDR3 1066 2G RAM
Martin Weißhaupt (7 years ago)
Already bought the game. The test version works very good on my Linux box ;-)
tommapar88 (7 years ago)
Will my pc run this game all right? My system specs: Dual Core E5200 2.5 ghz 2 GB RAM GT 220 512MB DDR3
Fer fer (7 years ago)
for linux yheaa!!
UNIGINE (7 years ago)
@HeroOfTime250 yes it will
UNIGINE (7 years ago)
@bluesirrus yep, your config can handle OilRush on maximal settings without a problem
UNIGINE (7 years ago)
Stay tuned for gameplay video!
ivanchica21 (7 years ago)
yay linux enters new gaming era!!!!!! ^_^
Locke99GS (8 years ago)
@jeavjuaf Zareason, System76, Dell are the big ones. There's huge lists of companies that sell PC's with Linux pre-installed.
Locke99GS (8 years ago)
@wox420 Yeah, you can sooo tell by the flash compressed, low-res video. Goto Unigine's site and get their Heaven demo.
Vinylon (8 years ago)
Well, it looks very last-gen. But I guess graphics aren't everything, something to keep an eye on at the very least.
Fedcomp (8 years ago)
music list?
AFreakinProblem (8 years ago)
FINALLY an RTS that has it's main focus on naval warfare. Those are way too few and far between AND IT'S COMING TO LINUX AS WELL!
miksuh (8 years ago)
Looks awesome! And i love the fact that there will be Linux version too :)
Joseph Turner (8 years ago)
It's on Linux. Definitely buying.
doe maeries (8 years ago)
what about a gameplay trailer?
acollsen (8 years ago)
Hell yeah! This i will buy as soon its out!
nigh7ynigh7 (8 years ago)
4 peeps gets boat sick.
AdmiralUfolog (8 years ago)
@FiEctro Вообще-то движок Source будто один для 2004 года был самым худшим из вышедших в то пора. И графика там выехала только благодаря отфотографированным текстурам.
Dominic Ryan Osborne (8 years ago)
@BILLYBOY0075 yeah couldn't help but feel that too since Red Alert was all about the water and naval superiority. :)
Dominic Ryan Osborne (8 years ago)
@LZIM or rather to be specific, what Tycoon would look like in this engine, and with some combat elements (optional).
Dominic Ryan Osborne (8 years ago)
wonder what firaxis could do with this engine.
Dot TV (8 years ago)
Look's very nice !
Evgen Samaylov (8 years ago)
@Euronymous108 - ну-ка и м*дак:).
zeroclockgaming (8 years ago)
The game looks great. I love Unigine and have been following it and it's bigger games for a long time. It's a shame it hasn't properly taken off yet. I hope this game is succesful, and good luck with its development.
SgtH3nry3 (8 years ago)
@supercoolguyT: I hope this will wake up developers and Valve to start making Linux games and make Steam available for GNU/Linux.
Euronimus108 (8 years ago)
Ну и дерьмо
LoloftheRings (8 years ago)
Unigine, we love you. Finally a second (id, we love you too!) company making serious titles!
UNIGINE (8 years ago)
@FlyNero Soundtrack by paralyzah.all.dj
NathanB3rg3r (8 years ago)
I'm a Linux user and finally, a part some AAA titles published on my preferred platform, I'll buy this game because of the efforts maded by the developers on the engine, fast, brilliant and everything else.
meteorema global (8 years ago)
Проработайте по-лучше волны, а то будто то они не этак смотрятся, от взрывов волны еще посильнее тем более от стратегической атомной бомбы
ZorgDK (8 years ago)
i hope one of the evil factions in the game is bp.
Beans Salad (8 years ago)
What song is this? I'll buy it because of the song - gad zooks
Nesmero91 (8 years ago)
Зачет. Можно будет поиграть.
FiEctro (8 years ago)
@Kolyanufalug "У Half-Life 2 наихудший графический движок, однако близкие к реальности текстуры, к примеру." Ессно он 2004 года выпуска. Однако там кушать немало того, чего дудки в Unigine.
M1AU (8 years ago)
I already love this because of the planned Linux version! :D
Клон ред алерта судя по всему (музыка и модельки даже похожи), однако прекрасно прекрасно, главное чтоб было любопытно этак же будто в ред алерте
Stadium ARTs (8 years ago)
Tower Defense meets BP Oil Spill meets Red Alert? Fuck yaw! Sign me the hell up!
AdmiralUfolog (8 years ago)
@spam2610 Вообще-то у движка Unigine на этот момент графика реализована лучше всех. Ни у Valve, ни у Epic, ни у id Software такового хоршего графического движка на данный момент дудки. Хотя дудки... У id Software и Splash Damage кушать. Но там с открытыми местами неудача. А старенькой для тебя будто графика поэтому, что текстуры вроде будто нарисованы, а не отфотографированы с реальных объектов. Только и итого. У Half-Life 2 наихудший графический движок, однако близкие к реальности текстуры, к примеру.
AdmiralUfolog (8 years ago)
Офигенно! Современная графика, конечно ещё и открытые места.
DarklightRebel (8 years ago)
linux ftw
tehskai (8 years ago)
Отличная труд мужчины.
sneekylinux (8 years ago)
wooooooooo,i will be a happy bunny......
YangombiUmpakati (8 years ago)
great!! looks perfect!
Wolfshark (8 years ago)
Unigine engine is capable of more but, this is a strategy game which makes things rather more complicated than they seem. The engine must handle great number of units and the special effects for every one of them and of course in 99% of the time you won't be looking at them from that close.
igronomicon (8 years ago)
Класс. Спасибо за линукс и ps3 версии.
Nathan Douglas (8 years ago)
Looks amazing! Should be released by the end of this year too.
Denis Chernykh (8 years ago)
Tiari (8 years ago)
intersting concept + linux compatibilty really intersting
skw- 1337 (8 years ago)
this game gonna be awesome !!11
Дмитрий К (8 years ago)
Хринительная графика!=))
WNxWolfinator (8 years ago)
moonshiry (8 years ago)
Linux 0.o nice
Kalin Georgiew (8 years ago)
toutagamon (8 years ago)
Unigine dudes, seriously, please include a single player campaign and don't make it multiplayer only. Don't make the same mistake Futuremark did. Geat teaser!
SilenGames (8 years ago)
Great teaser!
tmifx (8 years ago)
а шо, я не шо =)
@tmifx Хорошь трындеть! :)
tmifx (8 years ago)
Просто супер =), офигенный =), мне весьма понравилось...
tmifx (8 years ago)
I want to play this game! :)

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