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Thunder Show: Old School

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Welcome to Thunder Show, a weekly project of which you can be a part of! New episodes every Friday! Please send your videos to [email protected] In this episode: • Jacking up https://youtu.be/DcZ1HDad9qs • Strike from beyond https://youtu.be/UIkF9sjhcIY • Rocket payback https://youtu.be/FwjL6sYxDsQ • Old School https://youtu.be/dGCPPrM4ek8 Download: http://warthunder.ru/download Site: http://warthunder.com/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/warthunder Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/WarThunder Forum: http://forum.warthunder.com/ G+ https://plus.google.com/+Warthunder/posts #WarThunder
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Text Comments (772)
Raenar Braun (1 day ago)
What's a Maus? Are you sure that tank is in the game?
model makers (3 days ago)
after calling an air support... the air support the tank to be happy and jump 😂😂
Clive Doe (4 days ago)
Make parts and fpe more expensive.
Grady Colborn (4 days ago)
I’ve been commenting on several different accounts to try to get the prize and now I’ve just given up. Farewell thunder show, I’ll still play your game and watch your show but at this point I’ve given up trying to get the prize.
88RangeRoverClassic (4 days ago)
How do I get a message to developers? Im having troubles with a purchase.
Caiden Levine (5 days ago)
I am like my plane, we both spit fire 🔥 🔥 🔥
CasualGuy634 (5 days ago)
That Su-6 was indeed, a *rocketeer*
Centurion Gaming (5 days ago)
Don’t celebrate to early *gets hit by a missile fired by the aircraft he just shot down
Daniel Provin (5 days ago)
Looks like the germans also had the first stealth Biplane
Unknown (6 days ago)
Roses are red Violets are blue The Yak-9 is too OP to
Da Killa Cookie (6 days ago)
2:14 Su-6 posts selfie shooting down a Ki-200 while having no tail
Jaurrel Zichem (6 days ago)
When your plane is so slow you arrive in a moderntime battle with your Biplane
EnderPlasmicFire (7 days ago)
The M42 Duster was merely making sure there was no dust left on the bomb or Arado. Why else would it have been named the M42 Duster and have been shooting at it?
Fight fire with fire, that's what my dad said. He is a firefighter.
Ethan Mitchell (7 days ago)
Disengaging likes and dislikes wont work. Free parts and FPE .
Jacobel (7 days ago)
Even if it is hard to play without parts and fpe, this is the purpose of the game, it is a grind game. So plz, I know how hard is to get parts an fpe, but you can still get double ace gameplays. Stop blaming Gaijin. If you don’t like the game, stop playing it or deal with the problem. Victory is ours!!
Jacobel (7 days ago)
Like 2Pac, the Arado, even if it dies, it still is a problem !
Pedro Mercado Lamagni (7 days ago)
Capturing points with a plane of paper... the Kaiser would be proud!
beaver 252 (7 days ago)
0:15 is that tank dropped from a flying Churchill?
The Leopard asked his Veteran Grandfather for help
Logan White (8 days ago)
I’m more surprised the He 51 was able to parallel park between two wind mills
NicholasKai (8 days ago)
**Sits down** Lets talk about FPE and Parts
Classical Cat (8 days ago)
**Pilot of su-6** I pray to the great comrade Stalin to assist in destroying that imperialist plane. **Destroys ki-200** PRAISE MOTHER RUSSIA CYKA BLYAT .
SealClub13a (8 days ago)
So can we talk about parts and fpe? *And give everyone a free abrams*
xlgaming simulator (8 days ago)
The arado is like “akak I am your father” then the bomb is like “wachouwachouwachout” and the arado is like “holy mother I forgot about that
AlexcLaBaguet03 (8 days ago)
wow! the messerschmit is one of the best planes when it comes to capture a point while landing softly on the ground!
mnnm 666 (8 days ago)
Poppy's weakness are the same than tank's: caress tummy
The Damn Train (8 days ago)
Remove planes
Ruan van jaarsveld (8 days ago)
samuel bautista (8 days ago)
i already subbed :)
JAKphoenixify (8 days ago)
Bismarck 232 (8 days ago)
That was some flipping air support
Turlough Quinn (8 days ago)
I think arcade battles need re balanced as its impossible to even move without being oneshot killed
Masterhitman935 (9 days ago)
Pilot :Bomb-byeT-25 ...what assist?! Tanker: got him.
Masterhitman935 (9 days ago)
I guess that T-25 when Bomb-bye.
Elijah Brasher (9 days ago)
Please help me!!! I hate versing only BOTS. OMG is there any way u can help
Test_dude (9 days ago)
that rocket kill with a rocket is not any special, Stalin guides all the rockets so they hit their target
Yonk Weeaboo (9 days ago)
You are solving a short term problem by keeping fpe and parts the same it may make you money now but soon there’s not gonna be enough players to make you money
Owen Murphy (9 days ago)
RIP 500% RP booster ki 200
Battlematrix Ganguli (9 days ago)
Sir please add fpe and parts for stock tanks..
Cuttlefish Rampant (9 days ago)
when do we talk about parts and fpe?
Daniel Ga,er (9 days ago)
Su6: I GOING DOWN BUT I AM TAKING YOU WITH ME Ki200: what are you talking about? Ki200 goes boom Su6: you going boom
Grant Galas (9 days ago)
Aside from Parts and FPE being an issue, anyone else think it's funny that a panther G already wouldve had absolutely no problem going through the front of a t25 anyway? Regardless of whether or not it was lifted up by the bomb?
iC FR0ST (9 days ago)
Rocket vs Rocket Who will win? Find out now on Thunder Show
Emusaurus Rex (9 days ago)
Launch the remaining rockets! But why? May end up on Thunder Show
Hugo Carbajal (9 days ago)
Since there will be no FREE FPE AND PARTS IT'S BEEN ANNOUNCED. I think a good fix to the FPE and Parts issue would be for the stock tank to be able to repair as if it had Parts but it would take it 2 or 3 times as long and for there to be an new researcheble modification at tier 2 to improve parts and make the repair time 50% or 66% quicker but in reality it would still be the same since the time time repair would be doubled or tripled and then set back to what it is now with the new research mod at tier 2 and it would still give the chance to the player to fall back and repair. For FPE having 1 fire extinguisher as stock would be good and for there to be an improved FPE mod at tier 3 which would grant the use of having 3 FPE uses or even just 2 but the player would have the chance to out out 1 fire as stock. The stock tank would be able to repair and put out a fire but it would not be as efficient in repairing and at surviving the second fire and it would still give Gallin the ability to earn money because even though the stock tank can repair and put out a fire as stock it would take it longer to repair and it would only be able to out out 1 fire. To keep this is the best fox because Gallin is a company and they need to make money to keep the game going they haven't handled some issues but they're listening now and I think this would be a good solution to the problem specially at higher br's
Mirkó Dávid Mlinár (9 days ago)
Thank you for listening to the community and replying to the issues of the game Gaijin, I'm sorry other people can't see that you guys are trying. Hope this fpe and parts thing resolves soon. Great Thunder Show episode BTW.
Those rockets were guided by the hand of Stalin
Major König (9 days ago)
2A5 please
Gamer WT (9 days ago)
The zone caping with airplane was already made a week ago. It was done by a Me 262. You can see it in this video at 9:53 ---> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyHUXLFei9E
Nimori Kandara (9 days ago)
Free parts and fpe!! Also i didnt know you could cap using a plane...
Rivancodex Gaming (9 days ago)
The pilot wasn't flying fast enough, so he got a rocket up the tail... to send him back to the hanger quicker
The Crater Games (9 days ago)
Wait what? 2:50 I tryed that and it didnt work...
The Crater Games (9 days ago)
0:19 Answer for the question: FPE? Nice meme :-)
lightninglion 777 (9 days ago)
Never doubt Stalin, if he can guide your shell he can guide your bomb.
Most vulnerable part of a tank is no parts or FPE
Warfare Messiah (9 days ago)
Can people stop moaning about you having to research fpe and parts Yes it can be a grind at higher levels and yes it is annoying when you're stock and aren't as capable as the enemy But the truth of the matter is war thunder is a game that a lot of time and money goes into and we have access to it for free Gaijin is a company it has to make a profit somehow and if that is by people converting research then so be it (I prefer to think that when I spend money on the game that I'm putting something back into the game allowing Gaijin to make it better though I don't convert I grind I usually treat myself to a premium vehicle when sales are on)
Warfare Messiah (9 days ago)
I know a rocket Russia couldn't counter The Saturn V
mr cllean (9 days ago)
He51 is taking the German blitzkrieg to another level
Panzer_Waffle (9 days ago)
That su-6 was deeply practising his FUS RO DAH.
Beau Morel35 (9 days ago)
Eat Rocket you Japanese Rocket!
Beau Morel35 (9 days ago)
username beaumorel
Beau Morel35 (9 days ago)
A Russian always has a trick up their sleeve! Eat Rocket you Japanese Rocket!
Beau Morel35 (9 days ago)
username beaumorel
Beau Morel35 (9 days ago)
The Ki-200 didnt realise that the russian prop plane had rockets all he needed to finish off another Rocket
Beau Morel35 (9 days ago)
username beaumorel
Beau Morel35 (9 days ago)
KI-200 You fool! I only need another Rocket to finish another Rocket!
Beau Morel35 (9 days ago)
username beaumorel
Rosehip- Chan (9 days ago)
2:22 Russian plane designer: The test shows that clearly we don't need the tail, it just slows us down! Russian plane designer to Stalin: Sir, test shows we don't need the tail to kill planes. Stalin: Start on this immediately.
Tianyi Zhang (9 days ago)
I don't want free FPE & parts, just give me a free Abrams thx :D
Der Steinadler (9 days ago)
Ffs guys, shut up about the free FPS and parts, they may never put it in if you guys dont shut up about it
This arado have the best calculated drop ever
David Dou (9 days ago)
김태윤 (9 days ago)
Lol there must be a comment that has more likes which says free fpe and parts but gaijin ignored it. Free FPE and Parts
Ishaan Mcneill (9 days ago)
So rip the next live stream for war thunder.! 😂
Ermos Cimpoesu (9 days ago)
Free fpe and parts or at least make researching parts take less
EODGC Lynch Gaming (9 days ago)
This episode was brought to you by FreeAbramsTank
RokkCa (9 days ago)
can we talk about fpe & parts please? and the rp cap
Marco Puma (9 days ago)
Theo (9 days ago)
free fpe and parts!
fintronix1 (9 days ago)
Any chance for a discussion on FPE and parts?
Syzygy (9 days ago)
free Abrams?
jonasxdufek (9 days ago)
Gayjin, talk about FPE and Parts, it's illegal to promote censorship
mahadisal ahadani (9 days ago)
hey guys....new FPE is out, as the saying goes.....fight fire with fire.
Andre Griffin (9 days ago)
Wondering if we can come to a compromise on fpe and parts? So we can still have a fun game, but the research of fpe and parts is also there? Like a stock fpe parts, but the modifications upgrade them?
Mateusz K (9 days ago)
Justh dislike anything untill the Parts and FPE free.
Mateusz K (9 days ago)
Still trash instead of Parts and FPE free ( and all modifications cheaper ).
Aiden Ballingall (9 days ago)
Also i am the only one not asking for free parts and FPE
Jarne Logghe (9 days ago)
Does the free abrams come with parts and fpe?
Falke1100 (9 days ago)
1:21 its like in that one trailer
Roman Wagle (9 days ago)
Take helicopters out of mixed battles till you add them for all nations. Every nation needs to feel what its like to be killed out of range while they are fighting a ground battle.
MightyEighthGaming (10 days ago)
And that's why a drop my bombs and fire my rockets... you never know!
Kim Joenas (10 days ago)
When we would get italian groundforce techtree?
Robert Phipps (10 days ago)
Best video I've ever seen now let's talk about parts and fpe
Tom Geets (10 days ago)
Parts and fpe! And no rp cap!
o j (10 days ago)
just noticed that this episode isint even in their website
Jamie Reyes (10 days ago)
Gaijin, is there a possibility chance that you guys can add the German Bomber JU-290 Z? Please do so!
Logan Massingill (10 days ago)
Still needin them parts and fpe guys
abay yoo (10 days ago)
This your big chance to get free 1k golden eagle without struggle with other comment. All the comment now just part and fpe bullshit
Nikola Peric (10 days ago)
Parts and fpe
Eidi exia (10 days ago)
2:13 lucky shot!
Funk Dance (10 days ago)
Shaun said if I commented, I would get a free abrams, along with FPE and parts.
IS 2 mod.1944 (10 days ago)
Reality of your game you drunken bastards, not getting anymore Cash from me. ht tps : // youtu.be/ rJyt5tn XV9c T54-47 CAN BOUCE CHIEFTAIN, possibly it could pen abrams front with conventional round too. Oh no wait desert storm..... Hope you end up like armored warfare. And your game will die
Siddharth Kothari (10 days ago)
I can't take this fatass seriously after hearing him say "You already have a tank THAT CAN DO LOTS OF STUFF". Also Gib free parts and fpe. A free Abrams would be nice too.

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