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PT 658 - A Fully Restored Operational WWII PT Boat

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Some video I took of PT 658, a fully restored and operational World War Two PT Boat in September 2011. For WW2 buffs, this is a true treasure. For more information, please visit http://www.savetheptboatinc.com/ Edit note: I have edited this to remove the claim of "the only" operational PT Boat as another is ready for launching. Read about PT 305 at http://www.history.com/news/kickstarter-campaign-begins-to-return-pt-305-to-water
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Pete Caporale (3 days ago)
Gerard Mccluskey (1 month ago)
The only remaining operational one?? There's a guy on the Hudson River in New York that has one fully operational and 2 or 3 more in the process of restoration! I last saw it running near Rhinebeck in 2011 while on my boat. View here https://youtu.be/kVqRVX1g9aQ
Gerard Mccluskey (1 month ago)
okay okay you're right in either case it is amazing. In this boats case the efforts of the volunteers is the Real story! The one on the Hudson is privately owned.
Lew Waters (1 month ago)
+Gerard Mccluskey Maybe you should take it up with the PT 658 guys, I only took video of it when it came here back in 2011. As for me, I prefer to appreciate and enjoy seeing such equipment fully and completely restored to what it was over nit picking
Gerard Mccluskey (1 month ago)
+Lew Waters Video frames :01 through:06 start with this description. Not the video description. The boat on the Hudson was running in 2009.
Lew Waters (1 month ago)
The video and description is clearly stated it is no longer the only operational fully restored PT Boat.
Daniel Large (1 month ago)
How were the torpedoes launched?
vonjager (3 months ago)
Can you imagine actually riding into battle against a ship large enough to carry yours on their boat deck on one of these things? Jesus.
Noland Rutledge (3 months ago)
Great job. Thumbs down on the shakey screen.
Lew Waters (3 months ago)
My apologies for being over 60 years old at the time and using a hand held camera on a cold rainy day in the Northwest.
a10warthog61 (3 months ago)
Amazing restoration. Paint scheme amazing.
George Bobb (3 months ago)
Make me 17 once again, assign me to one of them... and I may reup, don't like these new "bird farms" two big for me.
Christine Davis (3 months ago)
You are not alone anymore sweetie PT305 has been fully restored and is operational and on the water ...b☺
Jeff S (3 months ago)
I thought PT boats had plywood hulls not planking like this one.
Lew Waters (3 months ago)
From a Wikipedia article on PT Boat construction: "The Elco, Higgins and Huckins companies used varying lightweight techniques of hull construction which included two layers of double diagonal mahogany planking utilizing a glue-impregnated cloth layer between inner and outer planks. These planks were held together by thousands of copper rivets and bronze screws. The overall result was an extremely light and strong hull which could be easily repaired at the front lines when battle damage was sustained." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PT_boat#Construction
thomas k (3 months ago)
You guys did an incredible job God bless you!
Jeff Auton (4 months ago)
Nice but still like the German U boat better :)
Lew Waters (4 months ago)
If anybody ever brings one by I'll try to get some photos of it ;-)
Destraex Destraex (5 months ago)
Why is this not in a movie? Or is it? P.S. I did wonder about the speed and hope to see a video of it put through it's paces at some point.
Foreseeable1 (5 months ago)
PT 305 has been fully restored as well.
Lew Waters (5 months ago)
PT 305 is acknowledged in the very beginning of the video. At the time this was taped, back in 2011, it was then the only fully operational PT.
G Howard (6 months ago)
In of all places, extreme liberal Oregon
Range Man (6 months ago)
At least your people know how to make a video... that 305 video was pathetic.
Lew Waters (6 months ago)
Thanks, I really enjoyed touring the boat.
Arc Light (6 months ago)
Needs two hands dual wielding her cutlasses on the bow.
Patrick McCrann (6 months ago)
How about the two boats at the National PT Boat Museum in Fall River Massachusetts. It is part of Battleship Cove. Anyone?
Deaf Smith (6 months ago)
Talk about armed to the teeth!! 4 .50 cal, 2 20mm, a 37mm and a 40mm plus 4 aircraft torpedoes. That ought to do it!
Rip Ghyll (6 months ago)
The whole video and view of the boat is spoilt by the idiot sheltering under a blue and white umbrella ! - was it really necessary to have an umbrella up whilst travelling on a PT Boat - what a wimp !
Casey Limbert (6 months ago)
They ever let that boat off the dock and out into the channel so she can stretch her legs? Keep the engines honest? If not, that's depressing.
Lew Waters (6 months ago)
Once again I'll state, not only is there a no wake law in effect there, fuel was at a premium when this was taken.
shinomoritaka (7 months ago)
これがPT小鬼群のモデルとなったPTボートか…。 ほんとちっちゃいんだな
Lew Waters (7 months ago)
それは普通の大きさのヒギンズPTボートですが、戦時中に戦闘行動を見たのは遅すぎたのです。 ボートの歴史の詳細はhttp://www.savetheptboatinc.com/history.htmで読むことができます
Peter Chatman (7 months ago)
That must be a monster cam driving that thing.  Its great to see a Mchales Navy Boat actually working (I'm 60YO and Mchale and Bingington still excite my memories).  Sorry to those who do not go back as many years as me watching TV shows in my young days LOL.
Dave (7 months ago)
Was that a pt boat or a pussy wagon. Keep driving it like that and she'll sink herself out of imbaresment.
marion cobaretti (7 months ago)
give me the wheel , ill have 90 yr old veterans water skiing off the back with those packards wide open !
Miatacrosser (8 months ago)
While I personally like the design of the Elco boats, this is one nice looking Higgins. Heavily armed too.
Kamikaze Yamamoto (9 months ago)
Awesome cool! I would rather own one of these than any multi-million dollar superyacht.
ut000bs (10 months ago)
A serious thank you to all the people involved in restoring and operating this awesome piece of history. A job well done!
Reese Issel (10 months ago)
Yep, my Potomac Cruiser. There are a few more that have very little water time in a marina.
jprince massey (10 months ago)
they had loads of bhp back then when they was used and very powerful at the time as well for a pt boat. hyper cars using around 5000bhp now so when i look back they war ships has equivlernt to ahyper boast back then or areo engined boat whe they was made still cool to this day
cal30m1 (10 months ago)
Does anyone know where this “cruise” took place? (I have tried to scan to see where this location is without luck.)
Lew Waters (10 months ago)
It wasn't a "cruise." The guys brought the boat across the Columbia River to the north side at Vancouver, Washington for display and took it out for a short run.
Ted Wagner (11 months ago)
You are on a WWII PT boat, why in the holy hell do you have an umbrella?
Lew Waters (11 months ago)
It was raining ;-)
bacbari boscru (11 months ago)
do the libs know you're operating a boat with people on deck and no guard rails???? nice job to all who had a hand in restoring this craft to it's deserved heritage
Larry Graham (5 months ago)
Yes us liberals are dying to know if guard rails would have kept another of your hated liberals JFk's boat from being cut in half by a Jap destroyer. I always enjoy Repubs that have nothing positive to say about anybody but themselves and their archaic philsophy. Can't understand why the nation is polarized. Let's blame Kennedy, LBJ or even Roosevelt and Truman, after all only Repubs like Watergate NIxon, Iran/Contra affair Reagan/Bush and no WMD Bush Jr. know it all. They are the ones that have made this country great!
Glenn Riviere (1 year ago)
You wrong WW2 Museum has one now.
88Dessert (1 year ago)
4500 HP 3 X 1500 Packard
Lew Waters (1 year ago)
Video of the engine room https://youtu.be/4sx_AxoK7Cc
Avinash Limaye (1 year ago)
Very verstile carrier. it could take all the turns though oversize length of boat on top of it, through shops. Very Good.
Albert Von Schultz (1 year ago)
My dad was on PT boats and SC's during World War II. He entered service in 39
Aussie steve. (1 year ago)
Let’s play army’s lmao
J. Williams (1 year ago)
What the heck, a boat pole to push the boat away from the dock? Come on its a twin screw boat, proper boat handling and you wouldn't need a boat pole. That's what mooring lines and throttles are for.
soaringtractor (1 year ago)
j williams it is a three screw boat and yes they had handling problems !!!
Rise and Shine (1 year ago)
Must be expensive as hell to run
Distance Shooter (1 year ago)
So this PT sounds like it still has the original Packard`s.
soaringtractor (1 year ago)
Distance shooter DUUUUUUHHHHHHH !!!!!! It does have 3 of the Original Packard M2500 engines !!! DUUUUHH!!!!!!
Distance Shooter (1 year ago)
Thank you
Lew Waters (1 year ago)
It does, all 3 of them restored and rebuilt. As I understand it, from reading the history of the project and talking with the guys, when the hull was recovered it had been converted to diesels, but they located and replaced those with original Packard engines. I was able to walk through the engine compartment and they were like new
Hal Heywood (1 year ago)
really cool job well done
Hal Heywood (1 year ago)
there's 305 in New Orleans now also there's one somewhere in So cal
Larry Vest (1 year ago)
In the mid 60's in Pearl they used them for air target practice.
Lew Waters (1 year ago)
It's a shame so many were destroyed after the war. But I am pleased to see now we have two fully restored and operational again.
skipperup (1 year ago)
Ya know what would of made this video awesome? First, remove the umbrella from the one ditz! And if everyone could of been in the same era uniform, you know...look like a team!
Lyn 123 (1 year ago)
I totally understand how hard it was to rebuild the PT, but honestly, If they did not run it to its potential...what good was it?
Lew Waters (1 year ago)
So sorry they did not reach out to you for direction 6 years ago when I took this. If I see them again, I'll be sure to tell them they need your input first
Lyn 123 (1 year ago)
So DUH...take it out of the city....DA
soaringtractor (1 year ago)
They have to take it out of the city it has a NO WAKE ZONE !!! do you know what that is ????? DUUUUHH!!!!
Lew Waters (1 year ago)
Just because they didn't run it to it's potential in this short run doesn't mean they never do.
Wayne Novotny (1 year ago)
PT 658 says it's the "only one", the PT 305 says it's the "only one" ... which is it???
Lew Waters (1 year ago)
This video and the sign are from 2011, years before PT 305 was restored. I did place a footnote in the beginning of the video that with the pending launch of PT 305, it is no longer the only one. PT 305 bills itself as "the world’s only fully restored combat-veteran PT boat in operation today," emphasis on "combat" as PT 658 did not see combat operations since it was finished too late in the war.
miksal26 (1 year ago)
What an absolute work of dedication. To think that a wooden vessel would be restored 75 years after is quite amazing. Also, I am very impressed with the image stabiliser within your camera. Best wishes.
rick66649 (1 year ago)
wow ..like to see her on full chat...
soaringtractor (11 months ago)
rick66649 you talk like a fukin Limey !!!!
rick66649 (1 year ago)
your comment made me laugh ..what makes you think i'm English
soaringtractor (1 year ago)
"full Chat" WTF is that ??? You men full throttle, wide open...LIMEY dumb ass !!!!
WORRO01 (1 year ago)
She's a looker! Nice job.
47 hammer (1 year ago)
Not much of a Run ;; Expected more ;
Lew Waters (1 year ago)
NOTE: Comments complaining about the speed of the boat will be removed. I am tired of saying they are in a no wake zone
Robert Moulton (4 months ago)
+K C now Wake zone ,,,no Midway zone , no Iwo Jima zone ? Why is the boat going so slow 😜 Seriously awesome P.T guys !
K C (5 months ago)
Easy Lew, don't let the whiners and turkeys get the best of you.
Robert Haag (1 year ago)
This boat was way ahead of its time this is needed in persian gulf.
Joe Schlotthauer (1 year ago)
I had no idea they were that big.
soaringtractor (11 months ago)
joe how big did you think 78 and 80 feet were ????
Derek Suddreth (1 year ago)
Yes, it's raining... but an umbrella on deck? And how about the forward line handler just hand reeling the line and throwing it on the deck? Obviously not a real sailor! The midships line was coiled as it should be.
Mark Bowles (1 year ago)
thank you very much Lew Waters... Thumbs up
Lew Waters (1 year ago)
You're welcome, Mark
Robert Horrell (1 year ago)
A bunch of old guys afraid to drop the hammer.
Lew Waters (1 year ago)
Why don't you go find yourself a deteriorated PT Boat, spend 15 to 20 years completely restoring it bearing hundred of thousands of dollars in expenses then take it out and show them how it is done. OH, and you can bear the fine for exceeding the allowable speed limit in that section of the river.
Ralph B. (1 year ago)
What image stabilization software did you use. It worked great.
Lew Waters (1 year ago)
You Tube image stabilization
Jack Belk (1 year ago)
Retirement spent right. Congratulations guys.
LarryH54 (1 year ago)
Next time take her outside the harbor so you can wind her up
LDN Wholesale (1 year ago)
Would love to see it up on the plane and the engines roaring. Also is it me, I thought all PT boats were grey?
Jeff Becker (30 days ago)
Yeah, the banner photo at beginning of video shows a gray boat with no camo. They apparently repainted it to represent a different time in the Pacific campaign?
Michael Garrett (2 years ago)
Well all this is fine and dandy,, but since I could not find one,, I built my own  elco,,  PT boat its out in,,   estancia new mexico  rotting away it weighs 12 tons53 foot long  powered by a  653 Detroit diesel its # is the  PT 901  and its on a trailer about a1/4 mile east of the new court houseon hi way 55  my name is mike Garrett I built it all by my self started in 2001  finished in 2003 was never allowed to put in the lake thanks to governor Richardson the[[   bastard]]  drained elephant butte lake  my email is   [email protected]     for pics
Lars Jönlid (2 years ago)
Nice PT "overhaul" !!
Gregor Miller (2 years ago)
McHales Navy would be proud.
Paul Glock (5 months ago)
Wait, was that the Howells on deck with the beach umbrella?
soaringtractor (11 months ago)
J williams....Only if that particular boat had an engine swap !!!ALL original built Elco and Higgins PT Boats used the M2500 Packard gas engines !!!
J. Williams (1 year ago)
If I remember right Mchale had an Elco boat with Gray Marine Diesels.... I could be wrong not an expert on the subject.
Sly & Shifty (1 year ago)
Gregor Miller McHale wouldn't have been happy until he stoked it up enough for ensign Parker to water ski behind it !!
bhhardgr01 (2 years ago)
I really wanted to see all 3 engines powered up.....But I understand why not...
mchume65 (2 years ago)
So as far as I can tell, this one is a Higgins, as opposed to an Elco type.
Lew Waters (2 years ago)
Yes, it is a Higgins: http://www.savetheptboatinc.com/history.htm
Kevin Pepin (2 years ago)
That is awesome !
ThatDutchguy (2 years ago)
New Orleans has one too.
jwillwon (2 years ago)
https://www.glen-l.com/weblettr/webletters-11/wl86-pt728.html JUST LOVE THESE BOATS !
jwillwon (2 years ago)
http://www.oldsaltblog.com/2012/06/update-pt-728-world-war-ii-patrol-torpedo-boat-bound-for-new-home-in-port-clinton-ohio/ ....AND WHEN I WAS IN KEY WEST THEY WERE SELLING RIDES ON A PT BOAT IN 2003
roadking99 jokerst (1 year ago)
jwillwon Right. Wife and I were on a schooner, sunset sail trip. Along comes a familiar sound and there's a PT boat going by.FUN.Maybe 2007.
jwillwon (2 years ago)
jwillwon (2 years ago)
soaringtractor (1 year ago)
jwillwon Where you going to get the parts for those engines ????? HHHHHUUUUUU?????
jwillwon (2 years ago)
DO YOU THINK THE BURNING OF 121 PT's IN THE PHILIPPINES STILL HAD THE ENGINES IN THEM? http://www.ptboatforum.com/cgi-bin/MB2/netboardr.cgi?fid=102&cid=101&tid=2439&pg=20&sc=20&x=0
Captain Robert April (2 years ago)
Thank God for image stabilization.
Rob Bateman (2 years ago)
The 305 is is coming out of the Kushner Restoration Pavilion at the National World War II Museum in New Orleans very soon. From there, "Sudden Jerk" will begin her journey back to sea for the second time in 73 years. All of us on the 305 crew have nothing but admiration for the outstanding work done by the 658 volunteers.
Jerry Gilmartin (2 years ago)
Lew, Until such time as the 305 is floating, the claim of the "Only operational boat" is valid. The guys in New Orleans are trying to get their boat to be where we have been since 2004. I think the 658 boat deserves a little respect.
Charles Ricord (2 years ago)
Lew Waters I seen the 305 heading down the mississippi river yesterday, i believe she is completed. it was on a barge headed to lake charles,la
Lew Waters (2 years ago)
Jerry, I have nothing but the utmost respect for PT 658. The addition of my comment in the video was only to acknowledge there is another one pending launch
Betty Brooks (2 years ago)
i saw one on the passaic river (close to the hudson) in about '74.
Flxdcat Bruce (2 years ago)
Awesome boats, you would have to be very brave to man those guns without steel protection plates, but then they did have enough speed to be a tough target to hit.
DaebakMonkey (2 years ago)
I saw PT 658 and the guys who restored it in Portland a month ago.
DeathValleyCustoms (2 years ago)
My Grandfather was on boat 558.
NCLUSA (2 years ago)
Looking at some of these comments I can see how our public education system has failed big time. I think they should teach history in Schools?. Does it have sails so if the engine stops working?,,,,sorry I had to ask ( :
MrTG44 (9 months ago)
Top secret info. NCLUSA. Need to know basis. If I tell ya, I have to kill ya. LOL
Hubert Harned (2 years ago)
you need to drydock it. sounds like shit.
MrJubbey (2 years ago)
Yea, I've seen pictures of Lew Costello's boat in the early '50's that was a converted PT boat. He used to make runs to Catalina Island in it ..........
MrJubbey (2 years ago)
Just doesn't have the sound of the original Packard engines ......
soaringtractor (11 months ago)
Mr Jubbey NOPE !!!It has original Packard M2500 V12 supercharged gas engines in it, as originally built !!!!
soaringtractor (1 year ago)
What does a original Packard sound like ???? HUUUHHH????
Jerry Gilmartin (2 years ago)
Mr Jubbey, You are mixing up the two manufacturers. Elco has exhaust mufflers out the stern and Higgins (which this one is) has mufflers in their original position on the sides. The mufflers contain an internal butterfly to redirect it under water, but those have been removed to maximize the engine sounds. The engines are indeed 3 operating original 5M-2500 Packard V12 engines. They sound like that when they are idling at 700 rpm at the dockside after starting.
Lew Waters (2 years ago)
If memory serves me, after talking with them, it was converted to diesels after the war and made into more of a private yacht. But when the guys got it and began the restoration, they replaced the engines with restored Packards. https://youtu.be/4sx_AxoK7Cc
MrJubbey (2 years ago)
I assumed since the exhaust was ported out the sides, instead of the rear as in the original position, the Packard engines had been replaced with something more modern.
Rob Quartermain (2 years ago)
How lame does it go over 5 MPH
CastAway_Dave (2 years ago)
It is called a NO WAKE ZONE, DUMBASS!
Lew Waters (2 years ago)
Do you want to pay for the fuel and the fine for exceeding the speed allowed in that section of the river?
michael maxwell (2 years ago)
I was just there last month, on my Jimi Hendrix pilgrimage! It was in the boathouse but I still got the guided tour, bought a dvd & donated $50!
Marissa Dean (2 years ago)
If only they had a target to sink!!!, would love to see her do what she was made to do, that would make the restoration complete in my book!.
WWIIDDSS (2 years ago)
What software did you use to stabilize the video images? Amazing job!
Lew Waters (2 years ago)
If you do, search around a little under edits and play with it some. YouTube offers some very nice enhancement features.
WWIIDDSS (2 years ago)
Never uploaded a video before so I didn't know that.
Lew Waters (2 years ago)
Standard Youtube
Don Stover (2 years ago)
Visiting this magnificent boat was a 'goose bump' experience. The detail and accuracy with which these dedicated volunteers have restores this piece of history, is remarkable. Visit their website and read the history them view the video. You won't be disappointed. Better yet visit this awesome boat on your next trip to the west coast.
DesertDigger1 (2 years ago)
Does anyone really know what "P.T." means?
soaringtractor (1 year ago)
DesertDigger DUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHH !!!! PT=Patrol, Torpedo !!! DUUUH!!!!
soaringtractor (1 year ago)
Patrol, torpedo !!! DUUUUHHH !!!!!!
soaringtractor (2 years ago)
Coskun Toktamis (2 years ago)
soaringtractor (2 years ago)
+MrNotebookguy Because dumb ass it was assigned as Patrol torpedo !!! DUUUHH!!!!
Rick Mayo (2 years ago)
Does anyone know what the status of PT 658 is today (6/2016)?
tzeidel p (2 years ago)
PT 658 is running well as of 11 1 16. Sorry someone didnt respond sooner.
Jack Wayne (2 years ago)
I thought they were going to throttle her up a bit, but instead idled around in a circle back to pier.
diver dave (1 day ago)
I was hopin to see some one water skiing behind it at high speed !
vonjager (3 months ago)
+ut000bs 3:28 uuuh... No, they weren't in a no wake zone. They were just preserving wear and tear on the ONLY PT boat of this class in the world, plus they were on only 1 engine, not all 3.
ut000bs (10 months ago)
I believe they only had 1 of 3 engines in working order at that time so power was limited. Also, they're almost certainly in a no-wake zone if you understand.
James OGrady (10 months ago)
Me too. Damn thing should have been seen and heard at full speed ahead.
Chris Parlow (11 months ago)
ScottDLR -- sir he's pulling your leg ? Get it.
RalphJ. Cuevas (2 years ago)
Thank You, for the restortion of this old Gal. "HISTORY PRESERVED" !!!
bornbillsmith (2 years ago)
Not very fast.
Lew Waters (2 years ago)
+bornbillsmith There is a speed restriction along that area of the river
Brendon Johnson (2 years ago)
That's so flippin cool! anybody remember that old game PT 109 in the 90's? I played it for days.
Dan Marelli (3 years ago)
The PT boats were powered by Packard designed and built marine engines, not copies of Rolls Royce engines. They did not use the Merlin engine, which was an aircraft engine. The Merlin was a feat in itself as Packard had to take a hand-built engine and create the tooling to turn it into a machine-built engine.
soaringtractor (1 year ago)
Zac vaper WRONG !!!! It was not !!! The Liberty aircraft engine was an air cooled 1650 cu in disp engine !!! The M2500 was.....2500 Cu Inch disp and liquid cooled !!! Jesse Vincent of Packard drew on the design element from his A2500 aircraft engine for the M2500 !!! Where the hell do you people get all this BULLSHIT info ?????HUUUHHH??????
helstontvx (1 year ago)
are you Donald Trump?
soaringtractor (11 months ago)
WRONG !!!! The M for Marine was a purpose designed marine engine !!! It never powered a plane !! !It was developed from Jesses Vincents experience with the A2500 but it was not the same engine !!! The M2500 never powered a plane !!!! Jesse Vincent was working on an aircraft version but it was shelved to concentrate on the Merlin !!! See the Book "Packard as an Aero engine Builder, by Robert J Neal it is discussed in that book !!! The M2500 weighed in at 2900# too heavy for aircraft use !!! It had some aircraft features, aluminum const DOHC 4 valve supercharged engine !!!!
Edwin Flood (1 year ago)
soaringtractor me
Wamgo C (1 year ago)
soaringtractor right, but both were originally aircraft engines. Both were superb but the Merlin manufacturing effort was an order of magnitude more impressive.
Handsome Whis (3 years ago)
awesome, now if only the Japanese Fubiki was still here
vutEwa (3 years ago)
anyone know why they made PT boats out of wood instead of steel?
soaringtractor (1 year ago)
Steel was in short supply and also wood would not set off a magnetic mine !!!
soaringtractor (1 year ago)
WRONG !!!! 2 layers of 1 " thick mahogany PLANKS and a layer of canvas !!!!
Richard Stanley (2 years ago)
two layers of 3/8" mahogany not the modern crap that Home Depot calls plywood.
so they dont take up steel which theres was a shortage of. that why they made wood parts on cars later in the 40s cuz much of it was made to weapons for the war they also made sinks of copper also because you cant make guns out of copper
Rick Mayo (2 years ago)
A) Steel was at a premium, and B) PT's were made to be more or less disposable, as the Navy had no interest in maintaining wooden boats after the war.
Roger Blackwell (3 years ago)
what a beast and wooden too. How didn't guys go over the side?
fdrww2 (3 years ago)
+Roger Blackwell The crewmen were either at their stations or below decks...there was little traipsing around on the upper deck area unless they were in the central area. The only people topside were the Skipper, the Exec, two sailors manning the two 50 caliber machine guns, one manning the 20mm (if equipped) and two torpedomen on early war versions. Later war boats had additional 20 mm or heavier crew served weapons, depending on the mission to which they were assigned.
NaYawkr (3 years ago)
Pretty Pokey and slow, not at all like a WW2 PT Boat.   Maybe they need a few Big Evinrudes strapped on the back to make it go, this video is just embarrassing.
supamaxx01 (3 years ago)
+NaYawkr Most rivers have speed limits and no-one wanted to pay the fine. Be nice to see one tailgate a skiboat though.
Lew Waters (3 years ago)
+NaYawkr Bear in mind too, I taped this back in 2011 when gas prices were much higher. Also, if I'm not mistaken, there are speed and wake restrictions through that section of the Columbia River.
fdrww2 (3 years ago)
+NaYawkr They were capable of high speeds, the operators are not willing to go to the expense or liability of opening up the 3 supercharged Packards just to please you....
Lew Waters (3 years ago)
+NaYawkr if you are willing to step up and pay for the high octane aviation fuel they use, burn about 100 gallons an hour, I'm sure they might be more willing to throttle it up for you.
liar liarliar (3 years ago)
This is a copy of a British design. I know the original Brit version used three Rolls Royce merlin engines and carried ten tons of petrol!!
soaringtractor (7 months ago)
Liar liar WRONG !!! The ELCO is a copy of the British design.....Higgins designed his own version !!!!
soaringtractor (1 year ago)
Lew waters.....WRONG !!! WRONG !!!! WRONG!!!!! Those M2500 PACKARD engines had NOTHING to do with the Merlin engine !!! Packard was delivering these engines to the US Navy 3 years BEFORE the Brits showed up on their BEGGING mission to get Packard to build the merlin. FYI Merlin is 1650 Cu In disp Packard is ....2500 !!!! DUUUHH!!!! Packard is 50% larger !!! Do the fucking research and QUIT spreading your BULLSHIT across You Tube !! !Look up the You Tube video "MEN BET THEIR LIVES ON THEM" the story of war time Packard involvement and learn !!!! Yes Packard did build BOTH engines but they were totally unrelated !!!!
soaringtractor (1 year ago)
Peter Bloink !!! WRONG !!! WRONG !!! WRONG !!!! The Packard M2500 PT Boat engine had NOTHING to do with the merlin engine !!! M2500 was duhh!! 2500 cu in displacement, merlin was but 1650 !!! How the hell could they be the same engine ????? HUUUHH???? Packard was delivering the M2500 to the US Navy and Brits 2 to 3 years BEFORE the Brits showed up to have Packard build the Merlin. First Packard merlin ran in Aug of 1941 and the navy had the M2500 in 1938 !!! Packard did build BOTH engines...14,000 of the M2500 and 55,325 Merlins of which the Brits got 37,137 of the Packard merlins !!! See the video here on you tube "Men bet their lives on them" and learn, a war time film on Packard !!! WHY assume because Packard built both engines they were the same ???? DUMB ASS !!!
soaringtractor (1 year ago)
Lew Waters WRONG !!! WRONG !!! WRONG !!!! These Packard M2500 engines had NOTHING to do with the Merlin engine !!! Packard was delivering these engines to the US Navy and the British 2 to 3 years BEFORE RR showed up at Packard to have Packard Build the Merlin !!! The clue is the Packards are 2500 cu in disp where the Merlin was ONLY 1650 cu in. The Packard , because it was a marine engine weighed in at 2900 # twice what the Merlin weighed !!! So how could these be Merlins ??? Packard did build BOTH engines but Packard ran the first Merlin in Aug of 1941 I would strongly suggest you look up here on You Tube the video "Men bet their lives on them " it explains the engines Packard built !!! It is really stupid of you to "assume" the engines were the same without doing the research !!! Also Google Packard PT boat engine and learn !!!!
soaringtractor (2 years ago)
RR referes to the PACKARD V1650 as a VARIANT , or different, version of the Merlin !!! Many changes made for mass production, and improvements !! They were called the Packard V1650 Merlin !!!!

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