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Silent Hunter 4: Battleship Yamato sunk by US Navy Balao Class submarine

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Silent Hunter 4: Battleship Yamato sunked by US Navy Balao Class submarine THIS IS A VIDEO GAME AKA NOT REAL THIS IS A VIDEO GAME AKA NOT REAL THIS IS A VIDEO GAME AKA NOT REAL THIS IS A VIDEO GAME AKA NOT REAL THIS IS A VIDEO GAME AKA NOT REAL THIS IS A VIDEO GAME AKA NOT REAL WATCH IN 720P for best experience plz rate & Comment :) subscribing is free too
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Martin M (6 days ago)
Yes, it's a game. Great job nonetheless. Would not have happened so quickly and easily, just like it wouldn't have happened with the Bismarck or Iowa class battleships so easily, or with some others including the King George V. The KGV class withstood many hits from bomb and torpedoes, no less than a good 10 torpedoes and 15 to 25 bombs before sinking. Yamato took 15 to 25 torpedoes and no less than 20 - 25 bombs before sinking. Bismarck took a total of no less than 4-7 torpedoes and well over 300 hits by 5.25, 8, 14 and 16 inch shells, most of which were the 8 to 16 inch. She still didn't sink. Not even one torpedo penetrated the inner hull and none of the shells penetrated the secondary hull. Also the battle between Bismarck and Prinz Eugen and Hood and Prince of Wales didn't go quite this way and the British opened fire first, after closing the range. Bismarck returned fire after at least two salvos targeting Prinz Eugen and Bismarck.
Albi B (7 days ago)
not the Yamato but a japanese heavy cruiser
Jean-Pierre Bovin (7 days ago)
You did not watch more than 1,5min of the video. Watch the rest before commentig.
d c (12 days ago)
al ezry (12 days ago)
if nuclear powered aircraft carrier sunk...would it be mass radioactive release?
Nathan Peterson (5 days ago)
Not likely.
Angel Mendosa (1 month ago)
reead the description
平本成美 (1 month ago)
戦艦大和はそんな潜水艦の魚雷で沈まんぞー だって魚雷を何十発当てても沈まないから 日本をバカにしてるの?
平本成美 (1 month ago)
アメリカは確かに強い でも大和日本をバカにするな
Andrew Olmstead (1 month ago)
No single WWII submarine was capable of sinking a battleship. Our torpedoes at the time if they exploded at al did not pack enough punch to sink a Yamato class battleship
Jean-Pierre Bovin (1 month ago)
In the universe of silent hunter 4, things are clearly much different.
Robert Young (1 month ago)
it's sunk,not sunked
Jean-Pierre Bovin (1 month ago)
in my universe of 2012, it is sunked ;)
Robert Young (1 month ago)
Excellent simulation and graphics
Joachim Peiper SS (1 month ago)
Joachim Peiper SS (1 month ago)
Very cool
JamezGamer222 Rblx (1 month ago)
That submarine produces a Lot of Cavitation on its Propeller
Alan M (1 month ago)
I wish these naval sims were powerful enough to show men on the decks scrambling for their very lives, THAT would make it realistic. Still very cool nonetheless.
Peter (1 month ago)
Taught any one a lesson. A mini sub can still takeout a a monster battle wagon , just like the Bismarck! Caught out with a Swordfish string bag twin wing and torpedoes to the steering gear, circles were all it could achieve . Those days are gone. Stick to fast small missile carrying night mares of stealth and laser arms.
Peter (1 month ago)
Go on tell me now they are still going to build great monsters like these again. HAS NOT THE SINKING OF THE GENERAL BELGRANO
Paul Grimm (2 months ago)
Saranara MF
Andoy Gomez (2 months ago)
7 Akizuki destroyers thats they call the help so they see the us legend submarine befor the Missouri and other giant battleships attack.
26 teishin (2 months ago)
Angura Bagua (2 months ago)
That was an easy target! ,I don't think Japanese Navy's would exposed there main primary ship to American submarines, it was slowed down by air attacks from American air craft.
まーくん (2 months ago)
Michael Hebert (2 months ago)
people saying this is unrealistic just because a sub sunk it does not mean it is unrealistic the torpedo has the same power as normal torpedos
Imam Solihin (2 months ago)
keren ni gamenya kayak asli
Aiden Shuart (3 months ago)
After Pearl Harbor the Americans got there turn
Ice _Flames0704 (3 months ago)
Lol The Yamato sinks like brittanic in opposite side.
ülo sumberg (3 months ago)
ryeven brix espique (3 months ago)
Now this is more logical than the Anime I watched
liru (3 months ago)
the yamato is a bitch it gets hit a few times not even the bismark sank like that it got hit a few hundred times and still didnt sink
liru (3 months ago)
is the game free
Neta Benna (3 months ago)
4 way attack sunk yamato
Cornelius Crewe (4 months ago)
I miss this game. I need a new laptop.
Cameron Harris (4 months ago)
this wasnt even how yamato sunk piece of shit us submarine cant sink a yamato
Cameron Harris (4 months ago)
your a piece of shit you don't know anything about the Japanese navy and there mighties ship IJN Yamato and the history of world war 2 so shut you piece of shit belongs in pre school
Jean-Pierre Bovin (4 months ago)
Cameron Harris it did
Nancy Jewel Mcdonie (4 months ago)
Torpedoes can't rip a hole that big in Yamato!! She has very thick armor
Nancy Jewel Mcdonie (4 months ago)
Ahh that's why.
Jean-Pierre Bovin (4 months ago)
Nancy Jewel Mcdonie ubisoft does not care about filthy physics
Wolf Mann (5 months ago)
1:06 - 1:11 Radar? Is that you?
Tim Coombes (6 months ago)
That is the most bullshit that I have ever heard even to say that you are f u fool do your self some real history before you start breaking off idiot 😂
Jean-Pierre Bovin (5 months ago)
what are you on about :P ?
BNSF1995 (6 months ago)
There were two aircraft carriers, by the looks of it. Did you go after those after you sunk the Yamato? Because those should be the top priority targets.
Jean-Pierre Bovin (5 months ago)
no, i had no torpedo's left, it is a quick mission and my main interest is Yamato
Zoes Dada (6 months ago)
What's the point of playing a submarine game if your not going to be the Germans?
Kuken Iburet (6 months ago)
This was not Yamamoto. Yamamoto had the Imperial Seal of Japan in the bough (2 meter in diameter).
Jean-Pierre Bovin (6 months ago)
lol, whatever man...
Kuken Iburet (6 months ago)
Then it must've been the 111 battleship.
Jean-Pierre Bovin (6 months ago)
you do not understand that this video is from an old computer game that did not have that much of detail to show any of that. Musashi is not even modeled in the game. in SIlent Hunter 4 there are no seals, the game is too old, look at this: http://www.ubisoft.de/marc/silenthunter4/renders/sshot3.jpg
Kuken Iburet (6 months ago)
No. The Yamato's signature was the Imperial Seal. This must've been Musashi.
Jean-Pierre Bovin (6 months ago)
Kuken Iburet silent hunter 4 is a 11 year old game, it is not detailed enough to show the imperial seal, but surely it is yamato.
Kvn 1978 (6 months ago)
And where are the escort ships? Why did not anyone cover Yamato? Even after the torpedo attack, no one began an operation to search for and destroy the submarine. This is the direct task of destroyers and frigates.
Jean-Pierre Bovin (6 months ago)
it is a 11 year old game, the AI is not the smartest
Larry Fletcher (6 months ago)
If only our submarines early in the war had better torpedoes, and TDC, the Japanese fleet and merchants would have been decimated.
Bob Caruana (6 months ago)
I thought the yamato was sunk by us aircraft?
Jean-Pierre Bovin (6 months ago)
you got history wrong, it was sunk by me alone in a Balao sub, and it only existed in Silent Hunter 4 :P
深海提督改弐 KQ (7 months ago)
お前らは大和魂を舐めすぎている。 日本はこんな簡単に沈まない。 日本の名を、穢しやがって。
Howard Fortyfive (7 months ago)
Nice shooting 5 fish in same area just aft of number 2 main turret. That'll get ya a case a beer!
Siti Aisyah Abd Aisyah (7 months ago)
Yamato hv a thick armor even for a torpedo
6:07 yamato: FUCK YOU I WILL BECOME A SPACEBATTLESHIP YAMATO BITCH Sumbrine: whoa whoa whoaaaa calm down im making you a spacebattleship okay Yamato: okay sorry
Lady pilliwick (8 months ago)
Very nice video. The real truth was the US only torpedoed one side. and she basically flipped over
Daan Huijsman (1 month ago)
3on stern and 2 on port actually and by aircraft
750 Suzuki (3 months ago)
and with carrier based airplanes ie Avengers doing the torpedoing
Russ G (8 months ago)
A USN submarine did sink Yamato's sort of half sister, a third Yamato-class hull that had been converted to a half-assed aircraft carrier called the Shinano. She never even got into combat.
Aiden Lanting (8 months ago)
She was attacked but the torpedo was a dud
Grandpa Pete (8 months ago)
How the hell do these things even float?
Potato Wagon (9 months ago)
If we switch places Yamato sunk balao
Josh (9 months ago)
Yamato was not up to date with reader and other stuff like that
Arjit Boro (9 months ago)
Bakbas video carry on
Johanna Villamor (9 months ago)
That's the sister ship of Yamato Musashi I mean look at the anti aircraft arrangement just look!😱
Awesome Godzilla (10 months ago)
Thats alot of damage!
Mask Mates! (10 months ago)
Can’t be true my fav warship nooooooooo 🤧😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🤔🤔😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
bleedinggums roberts (10 months ago)
Is this a video game aka not real?
Holland Meester (10 months ago)
Bullshit!!!! The Yamoto was destroyed by more then 250 US-airplanes like the Avenger, divebombers and torpedo-planes. Even the Japanese realized it was a no-good ship because they turned the planned Yamoto 3 and 4 into aircraftcarriers.
H3AVY (10 months ago)
Where did you find this task force?
Calum Mc manus (10 months ago)
Nice video man
Christophe Monfort (11 months ago)
I played Gato2, and I never could "sink the Yamato" mission. Thnaks for the video, but it looks too much easy. On Gato2, I achieved only once "sink the Shinano", with extreme luck ... I did not pass behind the ship (crazy !) I turned to shoot my stern tubes , and I luckilly shot the propulsion. I was in immersion, but with heavy deep explosions all around me. My submarine was heavily wounded, we were all the crew near to death. But after a very, very long time, the CV has been abndonned by all its escorts (silly, but she could not move no more, so I imagine the game IA was programmed so). Then I could go to surface (at least !) and I finished sinking the Shinano with a mere deck gun ... it was all I got left as ammo. Thanks for reading my AAR (after action reporting), testimony of older ages, that should be remembered of.
Christophe Monfort (11 months ago)
Sorry, Fellow gamer (brother in game), for my previous comment. I never played SH4, so, just watching the video, I thought it was easy. But if this game is still difficult, congratulations fot this achievement.
Jean-Pierre Bovin (11 months ago)
this took me maybe 15-20 tries before actually sinking yamato, so what you are seeing is extreme luck ^^
Cap Gamer 10 (11 months ago)
Is this game worth buying? Plz replie
Jean-Pierre Bovin (11 months ago)
I would say so, it is a lot of fun, a little old now, but good!
FirebirdFour (11 months ago)
5:19 Lel, if this was a real situation, you'd probably be better off beating the shit out of that carrier in the foreground. But hey, those can wait, right? Scratch one huge-ass battleship anyway.
Ngoc Nguyen (1 year ago)
The Devi for Silent Hunter 4 were stupid xd
山下春樹 (1 year ago)
Youri Bäcker (1 year ago)
Hello guys, i've made a cool Silent hunter 5 Battleship fight scene, those are lacking on Youtube. United Kingdom vs Italy! Please check it out! i've got a version with music and text giving battle details and one without! I've worked hard on them, english isn't good tho haha. Go to my channel if you wanna check it out. Thank you.
Youri Bäcker (1 year ago)
Its just now that i noticed its not full screen ...
Youri Bäcker (1 year ago)
Jean-Pierre Bovin Oke thanks, i know man its just for me alot of work and then you get 10 views you know what i mean? Haha :(
Jean-Pierre Bovin (1 year ago)
1. Make your videos full screen, aka get rid of the black letter boxing. 2. Get continuity and a line to follow, 3. Missleading title, starts with World of Warships when it's clearly not that game. 4. Stop marketing your videos on other peoples content.
Youri Bäcker (1 year ago)
Jean-Pierre What makes it ''not good''? Haha and why claim that people don't care to watch it? Tbh if that aint good then what does that say about your video? Mine is made for silent hunter fans also aren't you one? Maybe you shouldn't talk like that instead come with some ideas, tips something else then this bs. I like your video and if i compare it to mine idk what makes it bad lol my vid atleast has a actual battle pretty big, u don't see video's of the italian battleships anywhere, its unique.
Jean-Pierre Bovin (1 year ago)
I checked your videos, and they are not good. people don't care to watch.
PC Studios (1 year ago)
Hing Hong HOING *BAMM* How to speek chineese 101
mr kermit (1 year ago)
i know you from naval action
tpetike78 (1 year ago)
No yamato musai
Fred Kruse (1 year ago)
Was this game only available for PC?
Fred Kruse (1 year ago)
Totally Not MI6 (1 year ago)
TheVeteranGamer (1 year ago)
Was there any mods used? Like the lifeboats, ship rolling over, damage mods? I am asking because I have been playing SH5 a ton lately and none of these thing happen. Never seen a lifeboat in my life in that game, and i have never seen a ship completely rollover like that. If there are no mods, I just might have to switch over to SH4 then. There is so much more detail from what I can see.
todd duffy (1 year ago)
bullshit that sub got through all those ships without be detected
Robert Young (1 year ago)
That sub is cavitating like a son of a bitch
Alejandro Pena (1 year ago)
nice vid
Enquillo Jarabacos (1 year ago)
Los submarino mi vida..
Enquillo Jarabacos (1 year ago)
adolf hitler (1 year ago)
i thought yùķműťö was sunk by almost 400 äřïčŕâtèß
dixievfd55 (1 year ago)
She's missing her Wave Motion Gun.
L Yh (1 year ago)
I thought it was Iowa who sunk Yamato or rather Missouri
Бари каям жеген яматоны олай батырган жок
Kevin Davitt (1 year ago)
redDl the yamato had more crewmen on board
BOBA FETT SWBF (1 year ago)
Oh how the Japanese have fallen 😂😂😂 AMERICA!!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Stanley Zaleski (1 year ago)
ELplate (1 year ago)
yamato was only vs towsants of aircrafts and enemy ships.
Admiral8Q (1 year ago)
2:50 Is this real? Or just a game? :P
creajakt (5 months ago)
gee I wonder
2:49 If you want to see Yamato already then click here
Misty Sowards (1 year ago)
Omg this is soooo bad lol. Just think of all the millions in development, all wasted on unrealistic b.s . all these idiots that GED degrees in computer graphics based on knowledge and not skill is clearly evident in this game. The torpedo damage is Nintendo quality at best . ship models are decent static representations but that's it. Overall C-
Jean-Pierre Bovin (1 year ago)
Misty Sowards well, it is a 10year old game, it was amazing when it was released. you are overreacting.
the holy Black pope (1 year ago)
verryyyyy niceeeeeeee
Clash With Falcon (1 year ago)
this loks real nice for a game intro, could i use this? let me know :)
Clash With Falcon (1 year ago)
Jean-Pierre Bovin (1 year ago)
sure, go on!
Muddha Merkel (1 year ago)
I don't care what happened to the Yamato, it's still sexy af
18sai shigechan (2 years ago)
Fubbo (1 year ago)
It wasn't meant to be realistic. It is more of a hypothetical scenario.
toyland12 (2 years ago)
For what it's worth, the Shinano, built on the 3rd Yamato hull, was sunk by 4 torpedo hits. True, she had slightly less armor, and there were extenuating circumstances, but there always are in war.
William Warner (2 years ago)
Nice job. Love the editing. thanks for your hard work.
CK Vlogs (2 years ago)
Even though the Yamato wasn't sunk this way, it's still so cool watching an American Sub sink the super battleship. But the sad truth of this is the Yamato was sunk by Aircraft launched from carriers. A total of 15 bombs (correct me if I'm wrong) and 4 bombs that totalled the Ship and an explosion from the forward magazines completely destroyed the ship.
WoT theshadow9929 (1 year ago)
Charles Kelvie Suiza lel no 20 torps got it. The japanese build good ships not like the brits whose ships DETONATE
TheSeeker1960 (2 years ago)
Does this game work in Win 7 or 10? I have both but am just experimenting with 10 at this point.
Danny Koehler (1 year ago)
SkyHigh Outrageous and 7
Gipson Kristraj (2 years ago)
world of warships is better than this shit ..... damn i hate this game ...
Oliver Lykke Olesen (2 years ago)
mate, just becuase you dont have the patience to play a game that isnt fucking shit, dont critisize it
Kenky Chuy (2 years ago)
yeah lmao haha...crewed by 5 people
Chester Jake Flores (2 years ago)
nice i like this movie but i see a 6 battleship is sow biger.
Aiden Crawford (1 year ago)
It's a video game.
tarou unko (2 years ago)
TheXBOXGamerpro7281 (2 years ago)
Silent hunter 4 is the best i'm installing it tomarrow
Andrew Layton (2 years ago)
the graphics suck
Andrew Layton (1 year ago)
I am 9
iHateDentists (1 year ago)
Ooo turd licker. Pretty good insult for a 10 year old.
Flying Pudding (1 year ago)
maybe cus the game is from 2009 you Potato.
Ting Victoriano (2 years ago)
what the Fuck! yamato was a sitting duck. without a fight she just sat there, doing nothing. What about a video of the opposite, Yamato sinking a Balao class to the bottom.anyone? ;)
jakob ming (2 years ago)
ting victoriano that is why submersibles can attack unnoticed for example hms ark Royale
except the yamato didn't have depth charges.

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