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The Predator Series in 5 Minutes

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Get up to speed on the cinematic exploits of the intergalactic hunters before you see The Predator. Mission: Impossible in 7 Minutes (2018 Update): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qj6o3cdtu60 The Jurassic Park Saga in 5 Minutes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYTqIWhX1Ps Subscribe to IGN for more! http://www.youtube.com/user/IGNentert... ------------------------------­---- Follow IGN for more! ------------------------------­---- YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/ignenter... IGN OFFICIAL APP: http://www.ign.com/mobile FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ign TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ign INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/igndotcom/?hl=en WEBSITE: http://www.ign.com/ GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/+IGN
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Text Comments (547)
DECiDENCE (7 days ago)
Jonny Hughes (8 days ago)
hollywood has been completely taken overy by LGBT morons
Felipe's Adventures (9 days ago)
I actually really liked Alien vs Predator! I hated AVPR
David Hong (21 days ago)
Thanks now I know where the hand come from😂😂
Wheezing Juice (1 month ago)
Did he just say “Bogus mission?”
Yaqub & Aasiyah Ali (1 month ago)
People can't breathe in space
Sam S (1 month ago)
Love the commentary... awesomely done
Charles Achaw (1 month ago)
jimosiz (1 month ago)
jim hopper stranger predators
Tristan3D (1 month ago)
I understood "Gorilla Camp", and I was like "what??"
The Meme Master (1 month ago)
Predators: A.V.P is Canon Xenomorphs: A.V.P is not Canon
Tirth Dave (1 month ago)
Need movie names. All of 'em.
xXSPITF1REXx (2 months ago)
Funny how shane black was the first to be seen killed in the first predator and returned over 30years later to kill the franchise
The Spider-Man (2 months ago)
0:45-0:46 me and my homie.
sukhchain singh (2 months ago)
We miss you kevin peter hall
The legend Eazy (3 months ago)
Favorite predator is the jungle hunter then the wolf predator
GudGamer (3 months ago)
SniffingDog (3 months ago)
OK ur first totally funny commentary awsome !, nice voice gast!
Kamron Hiltunen (3 months ago)
They need to make a new AVP game
mohd firdaus (3 months ago)
I stop watching after Avp 2..
mohd firdaus (3 months ago)
CIA pencil pushehhhh.....
Terror TV (3 months ago)
6. Predator 2 5. AvP R 4. AvP 3. The Predator 2. Predators 1. Predator
Nickcoy 210 (3 months ago)
The first one is the best for me
Terrance Maulana (3 months ago)
i agree wit ya though AVP shouldnt hve been made i aint gon look fo it even though i neva watched it & ama pretend it doesnt exist. .thanks fo da video though
mrpepe4 (3 months ago)
big thanks to the speaker. made me laugh a lot. coulndt be any better!
S.M. FARHADUZZAMAN (3 months ago)
Predator 2010 was the best
cowpker4life (3 months ago)
6 min 32 seconds is not 5 mins no matter how you count.
LeYt (3 months ago)
callison caffrey (3 months ago)
"Do it" at the end gets a like.
José Rocha (3 months ago)
Predator Predators The predator Predator 2 in my opinion
Brett Baxter (3 months ago)
I think an origin story of how Blaine and Mac met up and their subsequent adventures would be epic.  There's a bunch of unexplored history there.
azami1986 (3 months ago)
Predator Upgrade was the worst Predator movie. Even AvP2 is much better...
Raymond XL (3 months ago)
AvP requiem and The Predator 2018 are so bad i actually felt like i lost years of my life just watching them.
Chasity (3 months ago)
I like em all, AVP the Predator was a female
Christian (3 months ago)
I feel like Predators kinda missed an opportunity to have multiple factions of the planet’s survivors having something of a battle royale before and during their time being hunted by the Predators. They wanted to go for the idea that the title “Predators” was referring to the fact that all of them were Predators themselves but they never really try to sell that idea since they all just run around and fight like any other character in these movies
YourBoi Jeff (3 months ago)
Arnold’s best words are GET TO THE CHOPPER!
Leo Ronin (3 months ago)
Mc raid (4 months ago)
P Avp P2 Ps Avp2
nik Ko (4 months ago)
Victor Artis (4 months ago)
I loved Predators, I really want a sequel to it, or for them to include/connect it to future films.
Alexzander Lopez (4 months ago)
6:10 Fortnite
Ghost _snizz (4 months ago)
Why they got Apollo creed dying in every movie he’s in
ilyn Payne (4 months ago)
The first predictor was way better the following ones are all TRASH
ScarfaceFranckRibery (4 months ago)
AVP2 was the biggest letdown of my life!
Meghnath S (4 months ago)
I loved the predators(2010) movie. It doesn't deserve the hate. 😑😐
Eden Jin (4 months ago)
:D :D :D :D
Eden Jin (4 months ago)
So easy to defeeted bugs, looking like bomb
Eden Jin (4 months ago)
SkyNet defeated.
Eden Jin (4 months ago)
Eden Jin (4 months ago)
Why, waves?
Eden Jin (4 months ago)
S o m a n y hands ups.
Eden Jin (4 months ago)
g a r d e n
Eden Jin (4 months ago)
Travel, travel, travel, lalalalala
Eden Jin (4 months ago)
shadow realm (4 months ago)
Cool vid. . Made me laugh
LEEPWOLF (4 months ago)
O:06 my name is Tristan Reilly
Isyraq Ummair (4 months ago)
Get to da choppahhh!
Cristal Arigullin (5 months ago)
predator cool 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Adrian Simonsen (5 months ago)
They sould of based the new movie off of the Preaditors.
Nathan Hodgson (5 months ago)
Get to the chopper!!!!
XxxNicoSithypong xxX (5 months ago)
He’s not Erik He’s Edwin
Cytron1515 (5 months ago)
Here is my list of the Predator films from best to worst. 1) Predator 1987 2) Predator 2 1990 3) Predators 2010 4) The Predator 2018 It seems this films get less with each new release.
Oh yeah yeah Army (1 month ago)
It seems this persons doesn’t know grammar
ilyn Payne (4 months ago)
They get worse & worse
Fidel Gomez (5 months ago)
Think of them as in two universes -----------------------Alien universe------------------------ Blade Runner - Set in approx. 2019 Soilder - Set in approx. 2035 Blade Runner 2049 - Set in approx. 2049 Prometheus  - Set in approx. 2092 Alien: Covenant - Set in approx. 2104 Alien - 30 years later, approx. 2122 Aliens  - 57 years later, approx. 2179 Alien 3  - Immediate follow-up, also 2179 Alien: Resurrection  - 200 years later, approx 2379 -------------------Predator Universe--------------------- Predator  - Set in 1987 Predator 2  - 10 years later, 1997 AVP: Alien vs. Predator  - Set in 2004 AVPR: Aliens vs Predator Requiem - Immediate follow-up, Set in 2004 Predators  - Apparently set in 2010 (Date unknown, but certainly still early 21st century by human weapons. Royce is using a "AA12 automatic combat shotgun" 2005 current version) The Predator - Apparently set in 2018 (The film ends with a cliff hanger and invasion is coming to earth.... So this plot contradicts "predators" being after this film. Because the invasion would happened and characters from "predators" would of being aware of it) Prometheus  - Set in approx. 2092 Alien: Covenant - Set in approx. 2104 Alien - 30 years later, approx. 2122 Aliens  - 57 years later, approx. 2179 Alien 3  - Immediate follow-up, also 2179 Alien: Resurrection  - 200 years later, approx 2379
Jean Max (5 months ago)
hmm..They had to hire the Walking Dead tiger
VENOM Sainath (5 months ago)
Rman Nayr (5 months ago)
The Predator (5 months ago)
John Doe (5 months ago)
somebody stop that dumbfk shane black
sL FoxScout (5 months ago)
What about Prometheus and that other movie, that is still avp universe
Dreammirror Brony (5 months ago)
Hanzo had the best scene.
Joshua Xiong (5 months ago)
The Los Angeles one was boring, the only cool part was the end.
Joshua Xiong (5 months ago)
I watched all the series before already so I know.
Johannes madsen (5 months ago)
This movie was AWESOME
Benjamin Lakes (5 months ago)
The new predator movie is awful, don't waste your time.
Republic of Debonka (5 months ago)
that predator killer at the end of the new movie was cool af
Sovietic Panter (5 months ago)
Their protagonists are the most "Bro" possible
Prabhjot Singh Minhas (5 months ago)
Ohhh man this is f***in interesting!!
Soul Warfare42 (5 months ago)
Predators is so underrated...
James O'Connor (5 months ago)
Watch Predator 1987, repeat, that is all. There is not another well written, acted or created minute.
Hazard Gaming bro (5 months ago)
It’s not five minutes doe
Thant Zaw Win (5 months ago)
Predators playing PUBG =D
jonboy79 (5 months ago)
The first one for me
Kailash Paul (5 months ago)
What da **** is going on here 🤣🤣🤣
The Mark Of Kaine (5 months ago)
"& Eric From That's 70 Show" 😂😂😂😂😂 That show is the Best, you should of said Eddie Brock, but I like Spider-Man 3 too, well let's see that new reboot of Venom how it goes for rotten tomatoes.
midobobi (6 months ago)
Pubg with predator looks fun--
[email protected] (6 months ago)
Fun Facts: Dutch goes missing after debriefing his superiors in the aftermath of the 1st film, and his brother fights Predators & the US army to find him... But never does. Bill Paxton played in both Alien & Predator sequels & Det. Lambert from P2 could be an ancestor of the "Game Overr Man" soldier from Aliens. Danny Glovers character fights another Predator in Rio in 2023. AvP:Requim is the most realistic in the series due to the fact 98% of the dumb humans in it die. It's honestly my favorite in the series due to the HARD R action! Royce & Isabel never get off the Game Preserve planet but we do know they survive the 2nd hunting season where Royce gets his own Predator armor to fight a 4 armed Predator. Marvel villains Venom, Sonny Burch, & Cottonmouth all die in Predators where they also play villains. The Predator kills the franchise for the forseeable future due to a 💩the🛏 script & director/ Fox Disney deal!
Mister GG (6 months ago)
Why this has to do with Mike Dundee?
Tech Tee (6 months ago)
Sooooo the commentator knows everyone except for Sanaa Lathan. GTFOH!! He wasnt naming the actual actors but dam can she get some recognition instead of being the last surviving human.
Baron Thomas (6 months ago)
Dutch is retired?
Mark Cleveland (6 months ago)
They need to do a sequel to Predators
ObeyMeScythe ⃠ (6 months ago)
1. Predator 2. Predator 2 3. AVP 4. Predators 5. The predator 6. AVPR
Anderson Studios 101 (6 months ago)
I had to watch the first three Predator movies before I saw Number 4 just to have a fresh mind and not be too lost and comfused
KEN StreetFigter II (6 months ago)
i actually really love predator 1
GDSK09 (6 months ago)
One thing i hate about predators, is that Isabelle mentioned the events of the first predator movie when she wasnt really there
Gabe2006 (6 months ago)
The new predator movie was actually funny
BUTTSAGGINTONZ (6 months ago)
When they said gorillas in the first predator I really thought they were talking about the animal when I was younger
Nowl Wane (6 months ago)
No no it wasn’t
Jan Stuchl (6 months ago)
AvP ? Ah yes you mean the game. Actually, no I ment the mov..... no Iam pretty sure, SURE you are talking about the games. So back to the predator 1, 2 and predators ......
Raymond Moore (6 months ago)
The PREDATOR >>> 5 out-of 10 :-(
Steve T (6 months ago)
no AvP references as far as i could see?
Hassan Ahmed (6 months ago)

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