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Dragon Ball Super: Broly Movie Trailer #2 - (English Dub Reveal) Exclusive - NYCC 2018

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The newest trailer of Dragon Ball Super: Broly revisits the destruction of Planet Vegeta. The 20th Dragon Ball movie hits theaters in North America in January 2019. Check out our exclusive* first look! *This is an IGN timed exclusive. Dragon Ball Super: Broly Movie Trailer (English Dub Reveal) Exclusive - Comic Con 2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHgm89hKpXU Dragon Ball Z: Bardock - The Father of Goku & Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn Double Feature Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=przZcJUpEcE Subscribe to IGN for more! http://www.youtube.com/user/IGNentertainment?sub_confirmation=1 ------------------------------­---- Follow IGN for more! ------------------------------­---- YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/ignentertainment?sub_confirmation=1 IGN OFFICIAL APP: http://www.ign.com/mobile FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ign TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ign INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/igndotcom/?hl=en WEBSITE: http://www.ign.com/ GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/+IGN #ign #dragonballsuper #broly #anime
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Text Comments (7554)
Ferry XAD (22 minutes ago)
It's trailer 3#
PeriNKinG (31 minutes ago)
What's with all the Broly vs farmer with a shotgun comments?
Ahsan Masood (2 hours ago)
Wait...vegeta isnt born in the same time...he is much older isnt he?
Disciple (4 hours ago)
they sure took a lot of liberties changing the story with this one huh?
smashin (6 hours ago)
Who puts a movie this badass out on a fuckin Wednesday?!
DragooN (6 hours ago)
Kerven Metayer (6 hours ago)
I just hope that Toriyama doesn't forget TARBLE!
Nikos Mafia (7 hours ago)
so... no UI for the movie as i guess.. unlucky
Ryan Rodgers (8 hours ago)
Goku mother is finally here
Franco P (9 hours ago)
mmayne0 behumble (12 hours ago)
isn't vacheetah older than Goku?
john doe (12 hours ago)
broly was the best villain from the DBZ movies with cooler as a close 2nd imo.
reaperLord gaming (12 hours ago)
This goes against so much DNA qountniouty its I headache
Abel Rios (12 hours ago)
This is so confusing compare with trailer 1
gamer39985 (8 hours ago)
Abel Rios The movie takes place between the past and present with the past being being represented by flashbacks I assume.
Sam heness (15 hours ago)
Ok, ill bite, why does frieza look like that?
tomimn2233 (15 hours ago)
I'm getting a serious Man of Steel vibe from this trailer. That Bardock scene and the soundtrack makes me feel like this won't be like any DB movies in the past.
Miguel Contreras (16 hours ago)
I thought vegeta has some years I goku though
Gluteus Maximum (16 hours ago)
is this based on dragon ball minus?
gamer39985 (8 hours ago)
Gluteus Maximum Yup.
Cauã Fernandes (17 hours ago)
Akira, please... I'm trying to grow up, you are making this difficult to me ;---;
Srikanth Garikipati (18 hours ago)
Marcalios Andreas (18 hours ago)
ich bekomm nen ständer... *Hype Hype*!
Introverted Oreo (19 hours ago)
A better origin story than Superman's 👍
Introverted Oreo (14 hours ago)
+The Let's-Play Hub Not the exact same. Only 3 things are the same: both parents sent their babies to another planet for safety and both planets blew up and both became heroes of earth. Otherwise, different plots for different reasons. And i cant stand anymore marvel/dc comic heroes.
The Let's-Play Hub (14 hours ago)
The exact same = better?
Son Goku (19 hours ago)
My wenner meener dinker donker wants to go inside youre slipen slonker
HoodTales (19 hours ago)
i dont understand why this is being remade
UltraBeast (19 hours ago)
is this movie story is after the t o p in manga
gamer39985 (8 hours ago)
UltraBeast Yup.
goku 00 (20 hours ago)
Bro this trailer is so sad ......just thought that you know your going to be destroyed so you have to send your son away 😦😦😦😦
No MeRCY (20 hours ago)
lol i hate him
No MeRCY (20 hours ago)
lol i hate him
scoutiano (20 hours ago)
i can already see the plot holes, aren't sayians supposed to be a race of ruthless worriers? as far as i know they don't have that many family bonds, this is already turning out to be trash filled with plot holes just like the entire db franchise
gamer39985 (8 hours ago)
scoutiano Pardon? Yeah they're ruthless but that doesn't mean they aren't incapable of having feelings.
aaron rainford (21 hours ago)
So much hype its unreal!! Looks awesome!
what ever (21 hours ago)
Chills after 1:15 to 1:25
Ced Cuddi (22 hours ago)
I like bardock when he has the headband and the scouter, he looks fresh af with it
holy howler (22 hours ago)
I thought Broly was already on planet Vegeta when it was destroyed, but due to his special powers he managed to save his self and his father from destruction. And wtf what about Vegeta?? Wasn't he supposedly absent on a Frieza's errand or something the day his planet was destroyed??
gamer39985 (8 hours ago)
holy howler Basically the original 3 Broly movies don't exist. This a new take on Broly made by the creator of Dragon Ball himself, Akira Toroyama.
Blackgames 21 (11 hours ago)
holy howler the scene you’re referring to isn’t canon in dragon ball which means it never really happened in the real timeline, Toriyama didn’t make the first legendary broly movie, it was made by toei.
holy howler (15 hours ago)
what the hell does that even mean?
Blackgames 21 (16 hours ago)
holy howler the broly movie isn’t canon.
John Hobs (23 hours ago)
Wow seems like there just ripping the whole old series apart now...
XboxOne X (23 hours ago)
Piccolo looks even more like a pickle
Ali Ali (23 hours ago)
Aewsome Aewsome Aewsome Aewsome
James Healer (1 day ago)
Kinda sad
Duck TheWorld (1 day ago)
where is Raditz??????
Lulu (1 day ago)
I don't like this new origin story
Blackgames 21 (16 hours ago)
Lulu it’s not new, it’s the only canon origin story, this is based on dragon ball minus, a manga made by Akira Toriyama. The origin story before this was more of filler and wasn’t made by Akira.
Juan Ramos (1 day ago)
Anyone know the name of the song that plays at the end? I tried using Shazam but nothing came up
Corvo Legend (1 day ago)
Michael Garhartt (1 day ago)
Shouldn't they wait for the English dub to end the tournament of power first
Daniel Davies (1 day ago)
Vegeta's strength stems from pride and history. Broly's strength stems from innate talent and legend. Goku's strength stems from circumstance and passion. Which one will prove to end up the most powerful? Only time and a super well-animated movie will tell...
Yup, definitely not canon
Tevin Falvey (1 day ago)
I hope someone sound bites freiza's Hello Monkeys. Id love for that to be my notification noise
Jafar Solaeman (1 day ago)
انت عربي حط لايك
Ryss HaTe (1 day ago)
Elizabeth Jimenez (1 day ago)
Gohãn Jonatha (1 day ago)
Pqp, King Vegeta? I can't believe
Sayani Ali (1 day ago)
Dexter Scott (1 day ago)
How much of y'all think that Gogeta or Vegeta mom is coming in this movie
SweatyAlbo (1 day ago)
the music and the scene and its context at 1:00 could make me cry if its exactly the same in the movie
0:13 Hello monkeys
fishlaw1 (1 day ago)
Wow ! ! ! What more can I say ? ? ?
Papi Chulo (1 day ago)
anyone got the link to the song? :X
Vipul Jain (1 day ago)
i want this movie in india....
Khumo vines (1 day ago)
Imagine if they were a team
Ilias B. (1 day ago)
bobi966 (1 day ago)
I think Raditz is dead. Nappa too. I think they are non cannon in a cannon series. That means Toryama failed and this movie is another non cannon . So enjoy broly movie 4. If Raditz and Nappa are shown then this will change everything. This movie will be cannon. Or maybe they send Raditz and Nappa with Vegeta. We never saw how vegeta escape. Maybe King Vegeta say to Raditz and Nappa take care of my son. What do you think? Or maybe Vegeta will meet Raditz and Nappa on the planet he landed who knows we must wait and see. By the way they were both with frieza uniform Raditz and Nappa maybe they joined Frieza what do you think?
UnderZillaHD_2007 (1 day ago)
Awwwwwwwwww that‘s so sad
Rush Hunter (1 day ago)
What’s with Freizas new look? I like his older look better
Uzumaki boruto (1 day ago)
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Khyan King (1 day ago)
The departure of the goku and broly is mor heartfelt and sad than the first time
DaFireman33 (1 day ago)
Wait what? Born around the same time? Isnt Vegeta supposed to be older than both of them...plus aint Goku supposed to be a baby when d planet was destroyed? ... they changin it up yet again..
Gowasu Goki (1 day ago)
I love this anime
Ritu Rani (1 day ago)
I was waiting for it since the end of DBZ super
Negoita Marian (1 day ago)
somehow i get the feeling that Broly is not the villan of this movie :/ or if he is they will not kill him
Limit_Breaker (1 day ago)
cant they make so broly teams up with them like vegeta did so he is another potagonist in the series
Pokemon Source (1 day ago)
MrEvldreamr (1 day ago)
Also really weird having piccolo voice King Vegeta...
MrEvldreamr (1 day ago)
Bardock a loving father? That's not what the Sayins are about! You ruined it SMH
Sin Waves (1 day ago)
Broly looks latino.
Reborn (2 days ago)
The Original Masterpiece ❤️
Dave Abian (2 days ago)
hey! veget is older than goku!!!!!!
Ryza Cobalion (2 days ago)
gamer39985 (8 hours ago)
Ryza Cobalion Agreed.
Dan Dunk (2 days ago)
Not the biggest fan of some of the obvious retcons here such as goku not being sent to earth as a baby. The charm and magic of the original dragonball was watching him grow up from an infant all the way to what we see at the start of Z. This does look really interesting and cool asf though. Seeing more king cold is a bonus and having the concept for broly made canon is awesome and more bardock is an even bigger bonus, he's my personal favourite character honestly. I hope Raditz isn't retconnned though hes another favourite
Jose Conde (2 days ago)
Wait wasn’t beget older than Goku???
azis - gerimis (2 days ago)
Subscribe my Chanel Anime YTube
Brain Siccness (2 days ago)
Frieza again?
Isuru Nanayakkara (2 days ago)
They better play some Pantera. Maybe a flood scene and play Floods.
Im just Average (2 days ago)
King vegeta easily has a best voice actor within the movie
Trasden Universe (2 days ago)
What wheres nappa and raditz at
SomeForeign (2 days ago)
i think my pp went to soft to hard after i saw bardock
The Omnipresent Nerd (2 days ago)
The Retcon is strong in this one.
Mike M (2 days ago)
yo they keep turning goku into superman
tim huynh (2 days ago)
Ashwin Kumar (2 days ago)
Wasn’t Vegeta supposed to be older than Goku??
mad gizza (2 days ago)
Cant wait is it actually gonna come out next year 🙄🤔 was hoping to see it soon 😞
Neda Neda (2 days ago)
I miss old dragon ball z animation.
Van HasVoice (2 days ago)
Disappointing. The longer DB is out there, the more disappointing it gets, so many disprepancies betweeen what was canon and what not. Shitflood.
Universal RAP (2 days ago)
¿Hellou monkeys? xd
marsella527 (2 days ago)
I have loved every iteration of the franchise, but its annoying that the Bardock movie and origin of Goku is being completely retconned
0:17 I really hope we get more information about king cold.
PbyFortress (2 days ago)
Who is his the voice for king cold
Jose Ferrer Jr (2 days ago)
Why was Frieza red instead of white when he destroyed Planet Vegeta?
56 614 (2 days ago)
Mohamed Bilel Amara (2 days ago)
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Camgocrvzy (2 days ago)
Looks amazing. Dragon Ball is just the greatest anime series of all time. The characters are iconic the storyline is dope . and it influenced a LOT of other animes. Naruto is almost an exact replica knockoff
boondocks123o (2 days ago)
Isn't Vegeta supposed to be several years older than Goku and Broly?
Anh Cao (2 days ago)
Why Freeza does not wear suit?

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