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20 Strict Rules Donald Trump's Kids Must Follow

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20 Rules the first family follows at the White House. Subscribe: https://goo.gl/Hnoaw3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Being the President of the United States comes with a lot of power, but also a ton of rules and responsibility. And it’s not just Donald Trump that has to follow the rules, but also his entire family. Sure, Barron Trump might get to live in the White House, and the other Trump kids can visit, but there are a ton of restrictions they have to contend with. Everything from decorating their bedrooms, to putting up the Christmas tree. They do get access to highly trained Secret Security agents, but they are forbidden from rolling down the windows of their vehicles. Melania Trump is the mother of Barron Trump, and she has her own set of parenting rules that he’s expected to follow. Do you think that you could handle all of these rules? Let us know in the comment section, and then click on the subscribe button to get the latest videos from TheTalko. Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheTalko Twitter: https://twitter.com/thetalko Instagram: https://instagram.com/the_talko ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.thetalko.com/
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Text Comments (3479)
Royal Kangaroo (16 hours ago)
You tried to make it sound like his children are all tortured by trump and can’t do anything
Royal Kangaroo (16 hours ago)
These are all the white houses rules these aren’t even trumps rules
Therobloxricherguy (1 day ago)
Who ever like trump anymore??? Is he’s son cute hes only 12 and hes spoiled
lostro one (1 day ago)
of course..
Napoleon Mendez (1 day ago)
hell no i have kids and i never do that to my 3 girls
Norm La Marche (1 day ago)
Barren is Ivankas boy. 😨 Don't ask DON'T TELL.
cool girl (1 day ago)
That's impressive. I can only speak 3 languages
Forky (2 days ago)
Uhh..I think you mean rules that everybody in the White House has to follow.
David Jonson (2 days ago)
donald trump is verey gilty doesnt want jamacans to enter the country and it is not his country it si god country
MBTA & More (2 days ago)
I kinda feel bad for Barron, tho I don’t like Trump
Daniel Woodward (2 days ago)
btw trump only has to work for 2 hrs a day and his work most of the time is just sitting there and reading emails
RightWingKing (2 days ago)
The expert!
Zack D (3 days ago)
Sucks to be that kid😂
Fat Cunt (3 days ago)
You forgot , getting raped every Sunday at 2pm
Manny Clines (3 days ago)
Who cares about his Trump family who cares it's got too many woman he bought them no woman of his ever fall in love with him they fall in love with his money you are blind
Alexander Weber (4 days ago)
can you imagine donald trump attending a parent teacher conference? Trump: "you are a fake teacher, you are disrespectful. I should be teaching my own child cuz im like a smart person. very very smart. if i were this school principal, i would be the best and youd be fired. youre such a nasty woman"
forbidden pollo (6 days ago)
Rule #1 only grow your legs
Daniel Keating (7 days ago)
I actually feel quite sorry for Barron, being thrust into the spotlight is very difficult. having to watch and consider everything you say and do really sucks sometimes. Especially when your feeling particularly when your feeling low or vexed.
Sam Crocker (8 days ago)
Cheryl Ametewee (12 days ago)
sounds like a miserable, lonely childhood, honestly.
Guillermo Abreu (12 days ago)
Donald Trump is a very good president
Erich Baranovic (12 days ago)
Oh,those Trumps
Say What? (13 days ago)
Trump's rules: #1 - 20 YOU MUST LIE WHEN YOU TELL DADDY HOW SMART HE IS. He's a stable genius, you know! Lol
Block SLS (14 days ago)
I can speak Norwegian and english
John lyons (14 days ago)
These arnt trumps rules bruh u guys suck ur facts are constantly wrong
John Knighton (14 days ago)
bigboy meme (14 days ago)
Trump is 74 His wife is 48 His son 13 See the problem the moldy ORANGE stuck his banana in a caviar lathered woman........ that's gross
Charizard Tube (14 days ago)
Who is Abraham linken? Sorry guys I am british
Arkham Sans (11 days ago)
16th President of the United States and the one who freed the slaves. It's Lincoln, by the way.
NBA God (14 days ago)
Can he play fortnite
Manny Clines (14 days ago)
I will never vote for Trump or any member of his family I will never vote for This Republicans they are nothing but tyrants vote blue today Americans will vote blue today and eliminate Trump and his Republican Party vote blue let's eliminate them vote blue
Rayyaan Bajrami (15 days ago)
1like= 1 hate to Donald trump 1 reply= 1 like for Donald trump
Briceida Delgado (15 days ago)
I love this boy!...
Ben Leggans (15 days ago)
For the love of God leave the Trump alone my lord you retards
Ben Leggans (14 days ago)
+Rob Watts I never claimed Obama was my president never voted or excepted him as anything other than a traitor of the American people.
Rob Watts (14 days ago)
why they the worse family ever to live in the wh. bet you didn't say leave Obamas family alone when B Obama was president .
alisha Dawn (15 days ago)
Well who knew Obama would play basket ball
Jeanette Gallagher (15 days ago)
Social Security??? Fix it.
Funny Fiery (15 days ago)
Ha speaking two language is impressive theirs a boy in my school who speaks seven
Darth Vader (15 days ago)
Jeffrey over9000 (15 days ago)
Kanye West is red Kanye West is blue I got clickbaited So did you
Gloria Kadar (15 days ago)
20? grabb pussies grabb pussies grabb pussies grabb grabb grab on and on
Gloria Kadar (15 days ago)
I know money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money.
Olivia W29 (16 days ago)
God I feel bad for them
Nina Lutgen (16 days ago)
I heard there’s a store below the White House so they just go downstairs Nd get it all clothes and groceries. Idkso the gifts they are given are not really gifts if u have to purchase them 🤔 hmmand good for her. Kids need to make mistakes to learn yes.
You called it "Christmas Tree" again! Awesome! Obama's Muslim efforts to replace Christianity (our founders fathers's God) with 'holiday' has stopped. Islam has been put on notice.
Rob Watts (14 days ago)
Obama was Catholic you ignorant runt
Kay Johnson (16 days ago)
I mean how do you know all this you don’t you don’t know all of trumps rules gosh 🙄🙄
Mayra Scherrer (16 days ago)
Uuu. I am scare of Guns. I am sorry.
Mayra Scherrer (16 days ago)
I remember.
Mayra Scherrer (16 days ago)
There was a Lady at Wall Mart. And was critizing our President because of Socialism. ...
Mayra Scherrer (16 days ago)
Mayra Scherrer (16 days ago)
How are you doing.? I do not like Guns.
Corey Gray (16 days ago)
Tisvid is just an excuse to bash Trump
Joe Duke (16 days ago)
The Trump kids seem to be very moral, patient, compassionate, caring, intelligent, resourceful, creative, and patriotic... attributes not admired by Democrats.
puro (16 days ago)
Thank god I'm not the son of the president
Max Davis (17 days ago)
Rose are red. Violets are blue. I got clickbated. And so did you.
lol no (13 days ago)
No we didn't ningen, go suck a dick
Mahigan teh wolf (17 days ago)
I cannot believe multiple women would let him stick his little Cheeto in them
Memes_ Playz (17 days ago)
Barron is cute
Eric Uyan (17 days ago)
U know I just noticed that he looks like the evil kid in the Harry Potter movie
mr. Afton (17 days ago)
It end's at 11:11 illuminati confirmed
Mergim Veseli (17 days ago)
Eewww serbian
Ass= American secret sevice
Lenka Junová (17 days ago)
wtf is traveling with social security?
Zack Aquamarine 6XZ (18 days ago)
7:23 *A CLOWN!!!!*
Mark 433 (18 days ago)
Crooked Hillary stole much of the WH furniture when they left. A real scoundrel she & Bill are
Mark 433 (18 days ago)
That figures! OBAMA wanted to change the tennis courts into a basketball court.
Barron *Wilhelm* Trump. William = English. Wilhelm = Deutsche.
lol no (13 days ago)
Wilhelm Scream
Cash Layton (19 days ago)
Should’ve been titled “20 things that the president’s kids can’t do”
4:44 i drOppED MEh BoOKs
xXTherealchinomanXx (19 days ago)
11:11 ❤️
King Leaf (19 days ago)
Who doesn’t like trump like the comment.
:) Even if they were thousand times more boring, being a presidential billionaire kid is way better than even an upper middle class one. You'll never have to worry about the future and always you'll have the best of everything.
but what if barron wants Mcdonalds or KFC ?
Super Mario Cam (20 days ago)
I bet he forces him to be racist to Mexicans and blacks😡
Emily Doyle (20 days ago)
“barron trump is fluent is english” omg no way he can speak his native language so impressive
cloudy (20 days ago)
i got a trump ad halfway through the video :/
David Paulin (21 days ago)
drum rollllllllll: and finally ladies and gentlemen, rule # '1' please Barron, make sure you never get into any 2018 grand caravans, specially if it comes from Honduras, and no son, im not talking about the SUV's.
David Paulin (21 days ago)
this one did come from his father, president 'Trump.
CEG Recovery (21 days ago)
Trump is a fuckin prick. Can someone please take him out before he screws up our country? This kid has a million strikes against him. He is the product of this country's biggest disgrace since cow dung.
Acre Knight (22 days ago)
I can't listen to this idiot woman's annoying voice
Absaalookemensch (22 days ago)
Their rules stifle their children's development, it just shows what bad parents they are. If they removed the rules for their children, it would show what bad parents they are. If they did or didn't give their children an allowance, let them eat fast food, go to movies, have friends over, anything whatsoever, it just shows what bad parents they are. Basically they are damned no matter what they do, because they are Republicans and we are told to hate all Republicans by the mainstream media and entertainers. Looking at their children, objectively it looks like their parents do a damn good job.
Central_Dark _666 (23 days ago)
I love me some Barron Trump. He doesn't look like a future douche and his Mom & Dad are cool.
Central_Dark _666 (23 days ago)
Nixed the idea cause of Nixon 😂 y'all shady
seriypshick (23 days ago)
misleading title
Fatty Magee (23 days ago)
dictatorship starts at home
Valerian Ardelean (23 days ago)
1st rule: If you’re Trump’s daughter, you have to hook up with him.
Rob Pennell (23 days ago)
Oh bless he is so cute like his mommy Melania!
Emu81 (25 days ago)
Why can't she pronounce 'regime' properly?
Jasmine Chase (25 days ago)
Augustus Leo (25 days ago)
Eliz Hernandez (25 days ago)
🙃 Every time you like this comment I’ll add one🙃
Daniel Smith (25 days ago)
Democrats are so fucking stupid.
Strange Human (25 days ago)
Daniel Smith yeet
santino santosusso (25 days ago)
I feel bad he can’t really do much
Robert Kööp (25 days ago)
0# = dont play roblox
Anthony Sayegh (26 days ago)
Follow the rule Christmas seems legit
Dana May (26 days ago)
What a sweet little boy.
EggMcMuffin (26 days ago)
6:23 Sacramento/Natomas...
Yvonne Newman (26 days ago)
Isn't it interesting that there is 11:11 minutes to this message?
Melinia trump is a golddigger
Alfa Painting (26 days ago)
And who cares.? This yang kid never smile ,hes face always like a dad fish.
Bagelboy Games123 (27 days ago)
How is not rolling the window down strange. If he rolls the window down he is at high risk of getting shot
beerborn (27 days ago)
I bet they have Mexican leaf blowers at the White House lawn. Better a leaf blower than a secret service who just stands around all day and looking at his surroundings. Can't think of anything boring than a secret service job.
A horse with no name (27 days ago)
Melania is fluent in 5 languages ? Lucky the French kids she visited spoke English, the language she used talking to them when you say she is fluent in French. 🤔
Yellow King (27 days ago)
Barron seems cool

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